How it works

You get personalized, digestible training throughout the year. We handle details like reminders and compliance tracking.


Self-serve pricing

$4 / employee / month


Your team’s sexual harassment training, including state and manager-specific content

Admin functionality for real-time tracking and insights on your team’s performance

Templates to help develop company policies, including office dating guidelines and reporting policies

No set up fees

(this isn’t AI for the blockchain in space)

Enterprise pricing

Designed for your business


Custom sexual harassment training designed for your company, including state and manager-specific content

Admin functionality for real-time tracking and insights on your team’s performance

Integrations with HRIS, LMS and other acronyms

A year with Ethena

A year of fresh content that keeps up with the latest research and changing regulations.

It’s even a bit witty because we’re competing with cat videos for your team’s attention. 


Purchase and set up without talking to an annoying sales rep.

Upload your team and pat yourself

on the back.


You first start with a Buzzfeed- style quiz.

It personalizes your training based on style and substance.


Every two weeks, a nudge is delivered to everyone’s inbox.

It’s got about 5 minutes of engaging content and ends with a 1-question quiz.

By training regularly instead of "knocking it out" yearly, your company demonstrates that preventing harassment is an ongoing priority. 


Get useful insights.

Do you know what percent of your team feels comfortable bringing an issue to management? Does that differ between offices or departments? You’ll get these insights regularly, without having to run a separate survey.


"What not to do" is just a small part of our curriculum

We won’t insult your intelligence by telling you not to harass 512 times. Instead, we’ll talk about gendered feedback, inclusivity and pregnant colleagues, intersectionality, ageism, and other relevant topics.

Administrators can pull completion stats, monitor compliance, and see their team members 
keeping up with each state’s training regulations. 

It's easy to search and download the data when you need it. 


We start online but get offline results.

“Marketing has a new team member, and we went around and named our pronouns and not just our favorite kind of ice cream. #culturechange #mintchocolatechip”


Not that it’s a competition, but with our

Ethena benchmark, you can see where your company shines and where you have opportunities to improve. 

Whoa that year flew by, and now, you're on to next year's journey, which is full of, new content.

(only "Friends" can pull off a decade of reruns).

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