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Case Studies

Happy customer stories, how we helped them save time and money, and why our solutions can help you too!

Storybuilt saved time by moving to automated compliance training

Storybuilt Chief People Officer Casey Amidon says transition to virtual and effective compliance training from in-person trainings was even smoother and easier than she could have expected. About Storybuilt Storybuilt...

3 min read
Tegus case study

Customer case study: Tegus & Ethena

Tegus built DEI into their core values; Ethena’s training platform helped them support those values year-round. Read more about this success story in our case study.

3 min read

Customer case study: Deputy & Ethena

How Ethena trained a growing international team Deputy is on a mission to Simplify Shift Work™ for millions of shift workers and businesses globally. The company streamlines scheduling, timesheets, tasks,...

6 min read

Netflix got learners invested with Ethena’s tailor-made content

Learn how Ethena and Netflix partnered together in this on-demand webinar.

3 min read

Cedar developed an inclusive culture by training with Ethena

About Cedar Cedar is a healthcare financial engagement platform that creates customized interactions for every patient: pioneers in the healthcare finance sector, Cedar is the only platform working with large...

7 min read