Save time with our suite of software integrations. We make it easy to integrate with the human resources information system (HRIS) or learning management system (LMS) of your choice, so we can help manage your team’s training for you.

HRIS Integrations

Our HRIS integrations make your job easy. Automatically import employees from your HR system directly into the Ethena platform in just a few clicks. Some immediate benefits include:

  • Learner data syncs on a daily basis
  • Receive automated status and assignment updates as learners change roles and locations
  • Update and reassign correct training instantly!

LMS Integrations

If you already have an LMS with training, our LMS integrations make your set up a breeze. We partner with 100’s of LMS providers, including yours.

Integrated Reminders and SSO

We’ll help your company get trained and back to work with time-saving features like single sign-on (SSO), magic link logins, progress that saves every 30 seconds, training links that can be delivered via email or Slack, and more.

Included for all Ethena users:

  • Slack
  • ZoomChat
  • Email reminders

Ethena’s content is the most relevant, impactful, fun, and inclusive that I’ve ever seen.

DeVane Cheney, Senior Manager Global Learning and Development, Zendesk

Ethena has been an ideal partner as we have worked to deepen the impact of our anti-harassment program.

Jon Hicks, Senior Counsel, Netflix

Ethena’s approach honors the individual in terms of learning style, format, and timing.

Liz Ratto, Chief People Officer, Cedar

Let’s build a better workplace together

With powerful compliance training tools and engaging content, Ethena is helping employees navigate tricky situations, solve problems, and view HR as a trusted partner. Schedule time with a member of our team to learn more about our compliance training platform and courses.

Let's build a better workplace together