Political Activities Training for Code of Conduct

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Course Summary

If political activism is an important aspect of your employees’ personal lives, you already know how crucial it is that team members understand how to engage in these activities as a private citizen โ€” and not on behalf of your org. This Ethena mini-course covers employee political activity policies, legal considerations, and best practices for keeping the boundary between personal life and professional life solid when it comes to political activities.

Why is this training important for workplaces?

Political activism in the workplace can be a complex and sensitive issue, as it involves employees expressing their political beliefs and engaging in activities to advocate for social or political change within the context of their employment. While individuals have the right to express their opinions and engage in political activities outside of work, it’s essential for employers to establish clear policies and guidelines to ensure that such activities do not disrupt productivity, create conflicts, or violate organizational values.

I love the examples you provided. These happen in REAL LIFE!

— Ethena Learner

Thereโ€™s corporate training with jokes that are actually good?!

— Ethena Learner

Great stuff ๐Ÿ‘ truly magical

— Ethena Learner

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