Neurodiversity and Workplace Communication Training

  • 8 minutes
  • Included with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging course
  • Deliver on Ethena or your LMS (SCORM)
  • Auto-save training, mobile-friendly
  • Meets accessibility standards
  • Customize training content

Course Summary

With Ethena’s training on neurodiversity and workplace communication, you’re empowered to foster an environment that actively supports your entire workforce.

This mini-course covers communication strategies between neurotypical and neurodivergent colleagues, plus actionable tips for how to support neurodiversity in the workplace.

Why is neurodiversity training important in the workplace?

Neurodiversity in the workplace brings a wide range of cognitive abilities, communication styles, and perspectives, enriching teams and driving innovation. Effective workplace communication is key to leveraging the strengths of neurodiverse individuals and creating an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive. Employers should recognize and accommodate different communication preferences, whether it’s verbal, written, visual, or non-verbal, to ensure everyone can effectively participate in discussions and projects.

I love the examples you provided. These happen in REAL LIFE!

— Ethena Learner

Thereโ€™s corporate training with jokes that are actually good?!

— Ethena Learner

Great stuff ๐Ÿ‘ truly magical

— Ethena Learner

The right content on the right platform


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Enhanced hotline and case management suite

Give your team the tools to navigate tricky situations at work.

  • Encourage employees to speak up with misconduct reporting
  • Track and respond to concerns with case management
  • Meet whistleblower hotline requirements (SOX, SOC II, EU Whistleblower Directive)