SB 553 Explained: Is an anonymous form “good enough” to meet the SB 553 requirements?

The final post in our SB 553 Explained series answers your frequently-asked questions about whether an anonymous form is acceptable under new California Workplace Violence requirements.

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SB 553 Explained: What needs to go into my Workplace Violence Prevention training and how long do I need to give folks to complete it?

The third in our Workplace Violence Prevention FAQ series, today's post explains SB 553 requirements and how long you need to give employees to complete their training.

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SB 553 Explained: My California employees are remote or operate out of a co-working space. Do I need to make a plan for SB 553?

The second entry in our SB 553 Explained series explains how (and if!) the new Workplace Violence Prevention Bill affects you if you have remote employees or folks who operate out of a co-working space.

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SB 553 Explained: How many California employees do I need in order to be subject to the new law?

The first entry in our SB 553 Explained series explains how many California employees you can have before you're subject to the new Workplace Violence Prevention Bill.

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Get ahead of the July 2024 SB 553 deadline with our latest course — Workplace Violence Prevention

Ethena releases its latest course, Workplace Violence Prevention — a stock options explainer covering how to exercise, tax implications, closed trading periods, and relevant laws.

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So you’re deciding between Ethena vs. EasyLlama — how do you pick?

In the comparison of Ethena vs. EasyLlama, here's how to choose the compliance platform that's best for you and your needs.

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Get compliant with CA SB 553 using the Workplace Violence Prevention checklist of your dreams

Use this California SB 553 checklist to get compliant with the new Workplace Violence Prevention Bill before the July 1st, 2024 deadline.

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5 ways to protect your company without non-competes

With non-competes falling out of favor recently, it's important to know that you can protect your company without relying on them too heavily. Here are five ways to protect trade secrets without the controversial agreements.

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Ethena’s brand-new Phishing Simulator is the reel deal — and free with our Cybersecurity course

Ethena's new phishing simulator sends randomized emails to your team to see who takes the bait, and comes free with our Cybersecurity course.

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How to launch your 2024 training program without grinding productivity to a halt

How to launch up to four trainings in 2024 without overloading employees, including a variety of suggested scheduling templates.

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Brand(is) Awareness: Ethena’s General Counsel fills us in on what’s coming around in 2024

From New York labor law updates to federal AI safeguards issued via White House Executive Order, Ethena's General Counsel Brandis Anderson shares what's on the compliance a reality TV hot take or two.

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The U.K. Equality Act updates — what’s coming in January 2024 and how to prepare

With U.K. Equality Act updates taking effect January 1st, 2024, here's what you need to know about the legislation and who's affected.

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