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From our robust On-Demand Webinar library to the next HR or Compliance event we'll be attending, explore what we're up to.

[Webinar] When performance management and reasonable accommodations collide: A guide to workplace accommodations

Join our webinar on July 23rd to master reasonable accommodations with Melanie Naranjo and Justine Abrams. Learn to tackle complex HR challenges, from handling sensitive medical information to resolving performance issues, with expert insights and best practices.

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[Webinar] How to make HR less miserable

Tune into this webinar to hear from Ethena's VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, and HR expert Kelli Dragovich in this insightful webinar to discover strategies to combat burnout, increase job satisfaction, and overcome common HR challenges. Learn how to bring joy back to your HR career.

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How Superhuman Leveraged Ethena’s Compliance Training to Boost Productivity and Culture

Discover how Superhuman enhanced productivity and company culture with Ethena's compliance training. Join Zoë Johannas and Melanie Naranjo as they discuss strategic HR insights and the impact of innovative training solutions.

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[Webinar] Your employee just raised a discrimination complaint. Now what?

On-demand webinar where Ethena's VP of People and an Employment Attorney from Littler discuss how to effectively respond to employee discrimination complaints and workplace concerns. Learn best practices for HR professionals to ensure employees feel heard and issues are addressed properly.

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[Webinar] The 3 People trends you need to be paying attention to with LifeLabs Learning

Tune into this webinar to hear Ethena’s VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, and LifeLab Learning’s Chief People Officer, Stephanie Shuler, as they explore today’s top People trends and how to leverage this information – plus, get an exclusive look into the Ethena + LifeLabs People Operations Poll, a survey that asked thousands of HR/People teams the how of getting things done.

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[Webinar] Ethena Product Spotlight: Learning Center and Course Glow-Up

We’ve updated our learning center and courses to make them even more engaging – some might say they’ve gotten a glow-up (okay, it’s us, we’re the ones saying that 😀). Tune into this webinar to hear from Ethena Customer Success Manager, Courtney Rinden, and Product Manager, Anne Kong, as they dive deep into the latest updates to Ethena’s learning experience.

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[Webinar] Employee Terminations: Tips, Templates, and Pitfalls to avoid

Melanie Naranjo and Jess Yuen discuss the complexities of employee terminations. Learn best practices and how to handle challenges effectively.

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[Webinar] Why your managers are tolerating underperformance

Hear from Ethena’s VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, as she explores the reasons behind managers tolerating underperformance and provides actionable steps for improvement. Learn how to address performance issues effectively while maintaining empathy and decisiveness.

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Ethena AMA: Getting to 100% completion – without the complaints

Hear expert insights on setting up your compliance calendar and achieving 100% completion in engaging training sessions. Learn top strategies from industry leaders.

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Redefining compliance training: Posit’s journey with Ethena’s humorous approach

Discover how this partnership led to the adoption of a full course catalog, including Harassment Prevention and Anti-Bribery courses, along with advanced tools like LMS and case management. Dive into insights on stakeholder buy-in, the impact on employee engagement, and the strategic decision-making that fosters trust and renewal in this dynamic collaboration.

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Revolutionizing DEI and people management: Commvault’s journey with Ethena

Discover how Commvault is transforming its approach to DEI and people management by partnering with Ethena. Explore key insights and strategies from their collaboration for impactful organizational change.

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5 things to know about California’s new workplace violence prevention law and how to comply by July

Discover essential insights on complying with California's new workplace violence prevention law. Hear from Ethena's experts in a session on navigating legal intricacies and ensuring workplace safety.

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