Phishing Simulator

Take your cybersecurity awareness training to the next level with Ethena’s phishing simulator. Bundled (for free!) with our Cybersecurity Awareness course, this tool helps you assess your team’s cyber risk and deliver in-the-moment training to learners who need it most.

Create phishing awareness campaigns that feel like the real deal

  • Choose from dozens of email templates that resemble the messages your team receives every day
  • Randomize email-delivery timing to minimize suspicion and stay under the radar 🥸
  • Auto-send relevant training modules to any learners who fail your tests

Build phishing campaigns in four simple steps:

  1. Select recipients directly from your Ethena team list
  2. Choose an email template
  3. Schedule your campaign
  4. Set training to auto-send to users who fail the test

Because who has time to toggle setting after setting?

Level up your cybersecurity awareness program
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Track results and manage cybersecurity risk with clear reporting

  • View both org-wide and individual risk scores for all phishing campaigns
  • Benchmark scores over time to track your progress

Having a platform that felt real, authentic, and was reflecting humans as humans was really important. And Ethena is administratively less burdensome than other platforms.

Lauren Gagliardi, Senior Human Resources Manager, Betterup

Honestly, the setup took less than 20 minutes. We’ve got all our integrations up and running. I just configured the training schedule and went from there!

Greg Van Kleeck, People Ops Manager, Starburst

Before Ethena, I used to dedicate hours to setting up compliance training assignments. With Ethena, I set everything up on my own quickly and easily with no back and forth needed.

Fatima Franco, People Ops Manager, Noom

Consolidate all your training on Ethena

Think of our platform like a potluck: a variety of dishes (that’s courses) laid out on one giant, welcoming table that keeps all the delicious offerings at your fingertips (that’s our LMS!). Get in touch to learn how Ethena can help your team cover required cybersecurity training and level up your existing workplace training program.