Insider Trading Training

  • 15 minutes
  • 2 training modules
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  • Additional languages available
  • Meets accessibility standards
  • Auto-save training, mobile-friendly
  • Deliver on Ethena or your LMS (SCORM)

Course Summary

Ethena’s Insider Trading course helps employees avoid intentional or accidental trading violations, keeping them safely on the right side of the law. The training covers the foundations of material nonpublic information (MNPI) and an organization’s responsibility to safeguard it, using real-world examples of both litigation and consequences.

With direct connections to your company’s policies and procedures, give your team the tools they need to mitigate risk.

Included Modules:

What is Insider Trading?

Defines material non-public information (MNPI) and insider trading, including how to avoid it.

Safeguarding MNPI

Includes the do’s and don’ts of information sharing, how to avoid both intentional MNPI sharing (known as “tipping”) and dangerous inadvertent leaks.

Why is insider training important for workplaces?

Training employees on insider trading is essential for maintaining integrity, ethical standards, and legal compliance within an organization. Insider trading involves the illegal use of material, non-public information to make trades in financial markets, resulting in unfair advantages and potential harm to investors and markets. By educating employees on the laws, regulations, and consequences associated with insider trading, organizations can ensure that all staff members understand their obligations to protect confidential information and avoid engaging in prohibited activities.

I love the examples you provided. These happen in REAL LIFE!

— Ethena Learner

There’s corporate training with jokes that are actually good?!

— Ethena Learner

Great stuff 👏 truly magical

— Ethena Learner

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Enhanced hotline and case management suite

Give your team the tools to navigate tricky situations at work.

  • Encourage employees to speak up with misconduct reporting
  • Track and respond to concerns with case management
  • Meet whistleblower hotline requirements (SOX, SOC II, EU Whistleblower Directive)