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Any fan of reality television knows the devastating power of revealing secrets. Love may be blind, but the Securities Exchange isn’t – so provide your teams with the understanding that material nonpublic information (MNPI) is their responsibility and how letting MNPI slip is easier than it looks on TV!

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What’s covered in Ethena’s Insider Trading training?

This course covers the basics of material nonpublic information, and an organization’s responsibility to safeguard material nonpublic information (MNPI), using real-world examples of litigation and consequences. With direct connections to your company’s policies and procedures, provide your team with the tools they need to mitigate risk.

  • 14 minutes
  • 2 training modules
  • Additional languages available
  • Customize content
  • Created with U.S.-based tech companies for teams that regularly access material confidential information
  • Deliver via Ethena’s LMS or your LMS solution

What Is Insider Trading?

  • Define material non-public information (MNPI)
  • How to identify and avoid insider trading risks

Safeguarding MNPI

  • The do’s and don’ts of information sharing
  • How to avoid intentional MNPI sharing (“tipping”) and inadvertent leaks

Regulations covered

  • Rules 10b, 10b-5, and 14e-3 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
  • Sarbanes-Oxely Act of 2022

Skills learned

  • How to understand the basics of insider trading including defining key terms and understanding the legal landscape
  • How to safeguard confidential information and assets of the company with an understanding of the limits of disclosure
  • How to identify and report unusual or potentially suspicious activity
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Why train your teams on Insider Trading?

U.S. federal securities law generally prohibits an individual from buying and selling a security when in possession of material nonpublic information about that security – whether inadvertently or with full awareness. In fact, even accidental violations of the law may result in civil and criminal prosecution, including fines up to $5 million and up to 20 years in prison.


Keep up with moving goalposts

Give your team the foundations to safeguard information so that even when the legal landscape shifts, they’re still holding the defensive line against concerns and incidents that put your organization at risk.


No exemptions

Securities laws apply to all securities – not just publicly traded ones. Protect your credibility and avoid risk by giving your teams the Insider Trading training they need to stay in the green.


Your policies, our training — a perfect partnership

Our policy manager allows you to connect directly to your organization’s policies and procedures, reinforcing Insider Trading training with a tangible connection to their work, role, and duty to the company.

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The right content, on the right platform


Flexible integrations and training delivery

Deliver training exactly where you want with hundreds of integrations.

  • Host Ethena training on our LMS or yours
  • HRIS integrations for seamless employee management
  • Email, Slack and ZoomChat training notifications


Easy and accurate reporting tools

Our analytics dashboards track training completion and provide in-depth reports.

  • Slice metrics by department, location or role
  • Export reports for regulators or third parties
  • Dive deeper with custom analytics


Enhanced hotline and case management suite

Give your team the tools to navigate tricky situations at work.

  • Encourage employees to speak up with misconduct reporting
  • Track and respond to concerns with case management
  • Meet whistleblower hotline requirements (SOX, SOC II, EU Whistleblower Directive)

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The UX was really good … and I liked that the test question scenarios were clear.

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