Analytics & Insights

Our analytics dashboard makes compliance tracking easy. By providing you with an at-a-glance reporting dashboard tool, you can track training, monitor team progress, and empower your managers to support you with getting those completion rates.

Easy and accurate reporting

Use our analytics dashboard to track completion rates, or easily pull in-depth reports.

  • See an overview of all assigned training
  • Dig deeper into each individual course or assignment
  • See progress of individual learners and teams
  • Remind managers to motivate their teams to finish their training

Do more with Team Insights

Our Team Insights feature is an analytics dashboard with two-parts: A section where you (the admin) can remind managers to motivate their teams to train, and a special section for managers to see their team’s progress.


Did you know: Ethena training has a 93% positivity rating

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Companies that leverage our Team Insights enjoy a 48% increase in completion rates

  • The average completion rate for companies who leverage Team Insights is 89%
  • The average completion rate for companies who also have a weekly reminder cadence is 97%

Ethena’s content is the most relevant, impactful, fun, and inclusive that I’ve ever seen.

DeVane Cheney, Senior Manager Global Learning and Development, Zendesk

Ethena has been an 
ideal partner as we 
have worked to deepen the impact of our anti-harassment program.

Jon Hicks, Senior Counsel, Netflix

Ethena’s approach honors the individual in terms of learning style, format, and timing.

Liz Ratto, Chief People Officer, Cedar

Upgrade your compliance reporting

With powerful compliance training tools and engaging content, Ethena is helping employees navigate tricky situations, solve problems, and view HR as a trusted partner. Schedule time with a member of our team to learn more about our compliance training platform and courses.

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