Basics For First-Time Interviewers

  • 5 minutes
  • Included with Hiring & Interviewing course
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Course Summary

Hiring is one of the most impactful activities undertaken by managers. Your team must be both capable and comfortable with it. Interviewing training helps ensure hiring managers know how to put candidates at ease, ask the right questions, and properly represent your organization.

This mini-course provides best practices for first-time interviewers, helping eliminate biased behaviors and illegal lines of questioning while increasing hiring managers’ confidence.

Why is this training important?

Training for first-time interviewers is crucial as it equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct effective and unbiased interviews. Proper training helps interviewers understand the importance of preparation, including creating structured interview questions that are relevant to the job role and aligned with the organization’s values. It also educates them on recognizing and avoiding common biases, ensuring a fair and inclusive hiring process. Additionally, training enhances their ability to assess candidates objectively, communicate effectively, and make informed decisions. Ultimately, well-trained interviewers contribute to a positive candidate experience and the selection of the best talent, which is vital for the organization’s success.

I love the examples you provided. These happen in REAL LIFE!

— Ethena Learner

Thereโ€™s corporate training with jokes that are actually good?!

— Ethena Learner

Great stuff ๐Ÿ‘ truly magical

— Ethena Learner

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