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Course Summary

Your organization’s code of conduct is a crucial employee resource — making clear your commitment to ethical conduct, providing your team with the tools to stay compliant, and offering a framework for respectful and inclusive behavior.

Bring your code of conduct to life with Ethena’s code of conduct training course. Select from our library of 27 helpful modules to build the course that best reflects the needs of your workforce.

Included Modules:


This training covers anti-bribery laws, including commercial bribery as well as bribery with regard to government employees (not just government officials).

Anti-Money Laundering and Customer Due Diligence

Definitions, recognizing and reporting suspicious activity and terrorist financing, prohibition on human trafficking, and conducting due diligence.

Books and Records

This training covers keeping accurate documentation and records of business expenses to ensure the company meets legal and regulatory requirements.

Competition and Antitrust

Touches on Antitrust and Competition Laws and highlights the importance of performing your work duties in an ethical and honest manner.

Confidential Information and Safeguarding Company Assets

This training defines what confidential information is, how to keep it secure, and best practices for safeguarding it.

Conflicts of Interest

This training covers the importance of transparency in business dealings and includes examples of different types of COIs, how to avoid any situations that put one’s personal interests in conflict with the company’s, and ways to report a COI.

Corporate Opportunities

This training covers how employees cannot exploit or take advantage of any opportunities discovered through the use of the Company’s property, information, or position that the Company itself could benefit from.

Data Privacy

This training covers the importance of protecting personal data, keeping user data secure, and promptly reporting any data security breaches.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This training highlights the Company’s commitment to building a diverse team and promoting an inclusive environment, as well as requests for accessibility and accommodations.

Equal Employment Opportunity

This training defines what protected characteristics are and emphasizes the importance of cultivating an environment free of discrimination.


Promoting tech inclusivity and looking at changes in the way we work post-pandemic, namely through technology and ensuring employees have the resources they need.

Export Controls

An overview of how to stay compliant where U.S. export controls are concerned, as governed by the regulatory duo of EAR and ITAR.

Fair Dealing

Avoiding unfair dealing/business practices with customers and competitors, and gathering info on competitors ethically

Gifts, Travel, and Entertainment

This training takes a look at the rules around Gifts, Travel, and Entertainment (GTE) as well as what to keep in mind when gift-giving and gift-receiving.

Government Interactions

This training provides basics on the gifts and entertainment policy, anti-bribery rules, cooperating with government inquiries, and entering government contracts.

Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying

This training defines these terms, offers insights on creating an inclusive workplace, and provides ways to address harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

Health and Safety

This training covers workplace health and safety regulations; the importance of ensuring a safe, inclusive working environment, and reporting unsafe working conditions.


Basic HIPAA laws and regulations, what protected health information (PHI) is, and how to keep PHI secure.

Information Security and Cyber Security

This training provides guidelines to protect your company’s systems and technology from security risks and best practices to ensure company information stays secure.

Insider Trading

This training highlights your obligation to maintain confidential company information — which could include material nonpublic information (MNPI) or inside information, and the importance of keeping MNPI confidential.

Intellectual Property

This training defines intellectual property, highlights the importance of protecting it, and provides best practices to keep the company’s IP and assets secure.

Political Activities

Engaging in politics only as a private citizen, not on behalf of your company; rules around lobbying and political campaign contributions, and political social media use.

Reporting Unethical or Illegal Conduct

This training covers where to report unethical/illegal conduct, how managers should handle reports, the consequences of not reporting violations, and the prohibition of retaliation.


This training goes over the types of retaliation, emphasizes everyone’s roles in reinforcing company principles, and underlines how retaliation is strictly prohibited.

Social Media Communications

This training covers the importance of adhering to your company’s social media policy and best practices, and being aware of your conduct and what you post on social media.

Substance Abuse and Weapons

This training covers the company’s weapons, alcohol, and drugs policies, and how to report violence or threats.


Tech ethics, legal standards, and protections when it comes to surveillance, and obeying all laws regarding government surveillance.

Why is code of conduct training important?

A code of conduct helps create an environment where everyone in your organization can focus on their roles and responsibilities while supporting each other to be successful. It provides a universal guide to expected employee behavior in and outside the workplace, ensures compliance with federal and state laws, reduces risk, and provides a public statement of your company’s values and principles.

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