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Introducing Ethena

What do you do?

Online training and analytics to promote inclusivity and prevent harassment. (Yes, it also “checks the box” for your annual sexual harassment training.)

Do I need this?

If you are a company in 2019, you definitely do. Gender dynamics are complicated, expectations change, and your team should understand concepts like mentorship post #metoo, office dating, discrimination against pregnant colleagues, and inclusivity of transgender and gender nonconforming teammates.

Oh well thank you. Training has to resonate to be effective.
And let’s be real, we’re competing with Instagram for your team’s attention. 

You seem different than that awkward video we normally watch?


With our combined experiences in fields that struggle with gender inclusivity, we decided to apply our respective talents to changing the future of office culture.

Roxanne Petraeus
Co-Founder, CEO

Roxanne is a Harvard and Oxford graduate, U.S. army combat veteran, former McKinsey consultant, and a Rhodes Scholar.

Anne Solmssen
Co-Founder, CTO

Anne is a Harvard Computer
Science graduate and former
tech lead at public-safety startup Mark43.

Matt Dean
VP Engineering

Matt is a Columbia School of Engineering graduate. He's brought products to market at innovative NYC tech companies including Zocdoc, Mark43 and TpT. 

Our investors

Neo Ventures

Reshma Saujani
Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code

Village Global

Elizabeth Weil
Angel investor & advisor

Jane VC

Jukay Hsu
Founder & CEO of Pursuit

Ajua Duker

Ajua is a PhD student in Social Psychology at Yale whose research focuses on discrimination, including the efficacy of norms-based sexual assault interventions.

Chloe Grace Hart
Chloe is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Stanford, whose research focuses on sexual harassment in organizations. Her research has been covered in The New York Times, NPR, and Scientific American.

Our experts

and more!

Frances X. Frei
Frances Frei is a Harvard Business School professor, and expert in leadership, culture, and how companies create the conditions for individuals to thrive. Pretty relevant, don't you think?

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