Harassment Prevention Training for Today’s Teams

Get your team compliant with engaging, evidence-based training. Our easy-to-use software handles all the administrative details. 

Compliance, and so much more

Of course we meet state anti-sexual harassment training regulations...this is compliance training!

We focus on culture change, not just compliance. Compliance “checks the box.” Culture change actually prevents harassment.

Our content is developed by academic experts and lawyers, yes, but also artists, playwrights, and journalists, i.e., the people who make the stuff you want to read.

Your admin is on autopilot.

You have better things to do than remind your team to train. Our administrative tools are easy to use and seamlessly integrated with HRIS systems, like Gusto and Workday.

Stats to prove it.

Latham & Watkins wrote about our unique and effective approach to harassment prevention. It’s less boring than it sounds!

A company using Ethena could reasonably expect to face fewer enforcement actions and to be less vulnerable to liability for sexual harassment."

Content is digestible, personalized, and relevant.

  • Digestible: Attention spans are short, so is our content. 

  • Personalized: Tech? Professional services? We tailor training for your industry so it resonates.

  • Relevant: Our monthly content addresses how teams work today, not just at office happy hours but also on Zoom and Slack. We dig into more nuanced topics like mentorship and intersectionality and address the questions your team probably has but doesn’t know how to ask.


​We care that every member of our team feels safe in our community, and that we can nourish a collective sense of belonging. Ethena’s approach to training complements our values and shows our dedication to them more than an annual training ever could."

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