In this episode, our CEO and co-founder, Roxanne Petraeus, sits down with Lauren Gagliardi, Manager HR Operations at BetterUp, to delve into how BetterUp utilizes Ethena’s compliance platform.

🔹 BetterUp’s Use of Ethena: Lauren explains how BetterUp utilizes Ethena’s compliance training platform to meet their mandatory training needs.

🔹 Implementation Experience: Lauren shares insights into the smooth and seamless implementation of Ethena’s platform within BetterUp’s organization.

🔹 Integration with Tech Stack: They discuss the integration of Ethena with BetterUp’s tech stack, like Okta, Workday, and Slack, highlighting the ease of use and tracking capabilities.

🔹 Employee Feedback: Lauren mentions the positive feedback from employees regarding Ethena’s training content, emphasizing its effectiveness and engagement.

🔹 Impact of Training: They touch upon the impact of Ethena’s training, sharing an example of how it resonated with an employee beyond the workplace, reflecting the broader reach of the content.

… and more! 🎧

Duration: 22 minutes