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Employee Terminations: A Guide for HR Professionals

Employee terminations are an often icky (but let’s face it: inevitable) part of the HR role. Whether due to performance issues, restructuring, or other reasons, these decisions are challenging for...

4 min read

8 proven compliance training best practices

Here are the 8 proven compliance training best practices to maximize effectiveness. Follow these steps for timely and impactful training.

6 min read

Nail your next HR compliance risk assessment in 3 easy steps

What is HR risk assessment? Every organization carries some degree of risk. Like Ethena’s CEO, Roxanne Petraeus, has said in the past: it’s not about preventing misconduct, it’s about anticipating...

7 min read

8 corporate compliance training practices that have a big impact

Navigating modern business compliance can feel like tiptoeing around landmines. With boobytraps and quicksand (aka legal obligations and ethical business practices), making sure your employees are prepared and your organization...

6 min read

How to measure compliance program performance

Learn compliance metrics, typical compliance program metrics & how to measure effectiveness. Ethena

5 min read

What is a compliance audit? Everything you need to know

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: getting an entire organization to, and maintaining, compliance is no simple task. If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve been training...

5 min read

Remote training: how to tackle common remote training challenges

Let’s start with the good stuff: Thanks to remote work, your company is tapping into more of the nationwide talent pool than ever before. You’ve hired a tiger team of...

5 min read

Guide: Evaluating Harassment Prevention Training Tools

Raise your hand if you’ve rolled your eyes at your company’s harassment prevention training. How about shook your head, stifled a giggle, or physically cringed at the scenarios playing out...

6 min read

Why is unconscious bias training not working and what can I do about it?

In the post-2020 world, there have been plenty of internal efforts to address inequalities in the workplace and foster more inclusive company culture. This includes a greater emphasis on training,...

5 min read

HR compliance trainings: pros and cons they don’t tell you

We know. We know. Searching for HR compliance trainings is not the most exciting task for today. But at Ethena, we promise, we’re really good at revamping boring trainings into...

6 min read

Discrimination training: a simple solution

Dive in to what is discrimination training, what it covers, and effective examples of discrimination trainings to try.

5 min read

Harassment training is terrible. Here’s why it matters.

Learn why Ethena, co-founded by 2 women, is an effective sexual harassment compliance training.

4 min read