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Workplace Culture

Insights and ideas on making work better for your employees. This includes raising awareness on current workplace culture, identifying culture gaps, and how to actually change workplace behaviors.

Employee Survey blog header

What makes a good employee survey tool?

Employee engagement survey tools are not created the same. See what an effective HR survey tool looks like.

6 min read
6 Fun and Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Pride Month (on a Budget) - A critter from Ethena's training content smiles under s sparkling rainbow

6 fun and meaningful ways to celebrate Pride Month (on a budget)

When it comes to the very crucial difference between meaningful celebration and performative allyship, most of us might feel like ​​— and prepare yourself for a deep cut here — Supreme Court...

4 min read
Workplace harassment training blog header

Why your workplace harassment training isn’t working

Harassment training in the workplace is overdue for an update. See how Ethena can get your org results

6 min read
Ways workers can be mistreated blog header

What are ways workers can be mistreated and how to stop them

Abuse in the workplace can take many forms. See our 6 scenarios & ideas on how to fix them.

7 min read
Diversity training in the workplace

Diversity training in the workplace: a path to success

Workplace diversity training doesn't have to be dry. In fact, it can have benefits. See how with Ethena.

5 min read
Generational differences in the workplace blog header

Generational differences in the workplace: what HR needs to know

Learn how to manage different generations in the workplace and to build an inclusive culture with Ethena.

7 min read
Diversity interview questions blog header

The best diversity interview questions to ask

Diversity questions for interviews are important to get right to support your DEI efforts in your workplace.

5 min read
Hostile work environment blog header

Strategies for resolving a hostile work environment

Review these hostile work environment examples and learn how to prevent them in your workplace.

6 min read
Reasonable person standard blog header

How the reasonable person standard affects your workplace

Learn the reasonable person standard definition and how it relates to workplace harassment.

7 min read
Learn exactly why you need manager feedback surveys

Learn exactly why you need manager feedback surveys

Ok, you know my feelings about employee surveys in general. When done correctly, I love them! They bring data, insights, and quick pulse checks on how your organization is doing....

3 min read
Employee training blog header

A breakdown: what is employee training and development?

Employee training is an umbrella term for programs that teach workers how to do their jobs. Learn about all the types, like compliance, technical, soft skills, and more.

6 min read
Required HIPAA training blog header

HIPAA training requirements: what’s all the fuss about?

Navigating the waters of required HIPAA training doesn't need seafaring skills. See how Ethena can help.

5 min read