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Workplace Culture

Insights and ideas on making work better for your employees. This includes raising awareness on current workplace culture, identifying culture gaps, and how to actually change workplace behaviors.

Workplace harassment prevention: 10 best practices for employers

Creating a workplace that is safe, respectful, and free from harassment is a fundamental responsibility for employers, even in states where there are no mandated sexual harassment training laws. A...

3 min read

Creating a sexual harassment policy: 6 things to include

In today’s professional landscape, fostering a safe and respectful work environment is paramount. Among the many policies and procedures that contribute to this goal, having a robust sexual harassment policy...

4 min read

Gender pronouns: the importance of preferred pronouns at work

Learn all about preferred pronouns and why pronouns are important in the workplace.

5 min read

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace: a guide for employers

Pregnancy is a significant and transformative journey in any individual’s life, but it often comes with unique challenges — especially in the workplace. In the United States, pregnant people are...

4 min read

Toxic vs. hostile work environment: knowing the differences

The terms “hostile work environment” and “toxic work environment” are frequently used (sometimes interchangeably) to describe negative aspects of workplace culture. But for HR professionals, it’s important to understand that,...

3 min read

Hostile work environments: signs, examples, and solutions

Review these hostile work environment examples and learn how to prevent them in your workplace.

6 min read

What is anchoring bias? How it affects your decisions

Learn about anchoring bias and why it matters in the workplace. Includes examples and tips on how to combat this type of bias at work.

4 min read