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Retaliation in the workplace blog header

Retaliation in the workplace: what it is and how to avoid it

Learn what is retaliation in the workplace, how to prove it, & retaliation in the workplace examples.

5 min read

What is bystander intervention?

Bystander intervention is a critical concept in violence prevention and community safety. It involves individuals taking action when they witness behaviors or situations that could lead to harm. By understanding...

4 min read

What is an employee hotline?

For any employer, creating a workplace culture of openness, trust, and accountability is critical. One effective tool that companies today are increasingly leverage is the employee hotline. This confidential communication...

3 min read

50 workplace safety terms all employers should know

Workplace safety is paramount in ensuring the well-being of employees and the smooth operation of any business. To create a safe working environment, employers must be familiar with key safety...

5 min read

What is conformity bias?

Conformity bias is when someone blindly follows others in their community instead of thinking for themselves. Uncover its impact (both negative and positive) in the workplace.

6 min read
Employee training blog header

What is employee training and development? A breakdown

Employee training is an umbrella term for programs that teach workers how to do their jobs. Learn about all the types, like compliance, technical, soft skills, and more.

7 min read
What is quid pro quo harassment? Header image: An employee speaking to their coworker, saying "I just wanted to see if . . ."

What is quid pro quo harassment?

Can you spot quid pro quo harassment? Dive into definitions, examples, and how Ethena's unique approach to effective trainings can help.

7 min read

What is anchoring bias? How it affects your decisions

Learn about anchoring bias and why it matters in the workplace. Includes examples and tips on how to combat this type of bias at work.

4 min read