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Introducing anti-money laundering: Ethena’s newest course offering

Not too long ago, it wasn’t very common to see something like Anti-Money Laundering training outside of regulated financial institutions. But with the convergence of the tech and financial sectors...

5 min read

Announcing Ethena’s HIPAA course, now live on the platform

It’s officially here! Ethena’s HIPAA training course is officially launched and live for teams training on HIPAA regulations and guidelines. This course is a long time coming, and we’re so...

5 min read
Illustration by Augusto Zambonato - IG: @augustozambonato

What you must know about Ethena’s software integrations

Employee training programs are no joke – there’s a lot of time, effort, and money that goes into running a thriving training program, let alone making one from scratch. For...

6 min read

Customer satisfaction metrics hit 1 million in positive ratings

At Ethena, we make cringe-free content that learners actually look forward to doing. Why? Because if employees are engaged in their training, they’re much more likely to learn from it....

4 min read

Introducing our New Data Privacy Training Course

Delve into Ethena's latest addition to our compliance training courses, data privacy training for employees!

5 min read

Ethena and ChartHop partner to deliver exceptional compliance training experience

With the partnership, Ethena customers can leverage ChartHop’s extensive HRIS integrations that make running your compliance training a breeze We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ChartHop! Why? Because...

2 min read

Ethena completes SOC 2 type 2 examination

Since our founding in 2019, we’ve worked tirelessly to create informative, cringe-free content and develop best-in-class compliance training programs that fit our customers’ needs. Underlying all of this is our...

< 1 min read

Ethena’s Code of Conduct training that fits the needs of every team

Stay compliant with Ethena's Code of Conduct training, built to fit every team's needs. See how Ethena’s configurable course can work for you.

3 min read

Ethena’s colorful training content

Dynamic, multimedia content is what makes our training actually land for learners “How do you make training content that learners actually like?” Ever since we began making training, we’ve been...

6 min read

Ethena raises $30M in Series B for modern and effective compliance training

Learn about them and why you should use us as your compliance training partner

2 min read

Latinas in Tech 2022

Thinking about Resilience, Impostor Syndrome, and Mentors vs Sponsors after attending the Latinas in Tech Summit Describing ourselves as “resilient” is never a bad thing. We go into interviews prepared...

3 min read

A public and transparent formula for engineering salaries at Ethena

We want our Engineers to stick with us for the long run, and how we pay them should reflect that. This article was originally published to Medium. I’m excited to...

3 min read