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People Strategy

How HR and Legal teams can save time, money, and optimize their manual compliance work. This also provides HR best practices like skill development, performance management, employee engagement, and more.

Manager Series: Conflict resolutions skills blog header

Manager Training Series #1: Conflict resolution skills

Learn ways to deal with conflict & how to handle conflict in the workplace with our free manager training.

6 min read
Employee Survey blog header

What makes a good employee survey tool?

Employee engagement survey tools are not created the same. See what an effective HR survey tool looks like.

6 min read
Training management software blog header

7 training management software you can’t afford to miss

Looking at training management systems? Check out our roundup of the pros and cons of 7 of them.

7 min read
Generational differences in the workplace blog header

Generational differences in the workplace: what HR needs to know

Learn how to manage different generations in the workplace and to build an inclusive culture with Ethena.

7 min read
Employee training blog header

A breakdown: what is employee training and development?

Employee training is an umbrella term for programs that teach workers how to do their jobs. Learn about all the types, like compliance, technical, soft skills, and more.

6 min read
The 7 secrets to great employee surveys

The 7 secrets to great employee surveys

Imagine this scenario. Your CEO comes to you and asks for a status update on how your employees are doing. What’s morale like? Do people feel empowered to succeed? Are...

8 min read

4 things you must know: HIPAA training for employees

If your employees have been in a doctor’s office, they’ve almost certainly heard the acronym “HIPAA” thrown around. But when it comes to HIPAA training for employees, the cold, hard...

5 min read
Compliance training: creative ways to get your training completions to 100%

Compliance training: creative ways to get your training completions to 100%

We’ve all been there: It’s time to get your company’s compliance trainings done, but no one’s actually taking it. When you push for higher completion rates, you hear a variation...

5 min read

4 strategies for HR teams to do more with less

2022 was a tough year. With an economic downturn and a real risk of a recession on the horizon, companies have been buckling down on their spending. As we head...

4 min read

7 asynchronous work techniques that changed my life forever

Candidly, I am 100% team #WFH. As a Jersey person who used to commute multiple hours per day getting to and from work, I do not miss the days of...

9 min read

Nail your next HR compliance risk assessment in 3 easy steps

What is HR risk assessment? Every organization carries some degree of risk. Like Ethena’s CEO, Roxanne Petraeus, has said in the past: it’s not about preventing misconduct, it’s about anticipating...

7 min read

How to coordinate an in-person company offsite in 5 steps

It’s finally happening! Your team is meeting IRL (in real life)! Whether you’re planning a company offsite or an in-person training session, wrangling your remote or hybrid workforce can sometimes...

5 min read