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People Strategy

How HR and Legal teams can save time, money, and optimize their manual compliance work. This also provides HR best practices like skill development, performance management, employee engagement, and more.

15 questions for HRBPs to ask leaders in their 1:1s

As an HRBP, making the most of your 1:1s with your stakeholders is critical to your success. Get our list of 15 questions to ask in your next meeting.

4 min read

What is HR benchmarking? Everything you need to know

As human resources professionals, we’re constantly striving for excellence, seeking out strategies to optimize our operations and maximize their potential. Amidst this pursuit, data emerges as a critical cornerstone; helping...

5 min read

The importance of self-assessments for employees and managers

Of all the career development tools available today, self-assessments stand out as indispensable instruments. These evaluations offer employees a reflective lens through which they can gauge their skills, identify areas...

3 min read

Employee Terminations: A Guide for HR Professionals

Employee terminations are an often icky (but let’s face it: inevitable) part of the HR role. Whether due to performance issues, restructuring, or other reasons, these decisions are challenging for...

4 min read

Ranking the best and worst months to build your compliance training plan

When is the best time of year to schedule annual compliance training? We're ranking the best and worst months for a compliance training plan.

5 min read
Employee training blog header

What is employee training and development? A breakdown

Employee training is an umbrella term for programs that teach workers how to do their jobs. Learn about all the types, like compliance, technical, soft skills, and more.

7 min read