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Our thoughts on compliance laws and why they matter. Includes recent court cases or rulings of interest, state-specific laws and requirements, and how we help legal teams mitigate risk.

Reasonable person standard blog header

How the reasonable person standard affects your workplace

Learn the reasonable person standard definition and how it relates to workplace harassment.

7 min read
Who enforces HIPAA?

Who enforces HIPAA?

If you haven’t heard, Ethena recently launched a new HIPAA training course, specifically for workers who aren’t in hospital settings on their feet all day, but for the many thousands...

5 min read
Crown Act blog header

What is the CROWN Act? The law’s impact on the workplace

Learn the CROWN Act's impact on the workplace and impact on inclusive workplace cultures.

5 min read
What Are Protected Classes? Everything You Need to Know

What are protected classes? Everything you need to know

Learn what the state and federal protected classes are, & what classes aren't protected in your org.

5 min read

Four things you need to know about the new DOJ compliance changes

In mid-September of 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a series of changes to its policies related to corporate compliance, misconduct, and criminal investigations. (Check out the full...

4 min read

California sexual harassment training requirements (2023)

Brush up on CCPA/CPRA or California sexual harassment training requirements today with Ethena.

6 min read

The new Chicago sexual harassment training requirements

Everything you need to know about the Chicago Bystander training requirement & how to satisfy it.

5 min read

NYC wage transparency law explained (what it means for you)

The new NYC wage transparency law goes live in 2022—here’s how it’ll affect workplaces and employees. Okay, let’s talk about the new NYC wage transparency law. In case you missed...

5 min read

Maine sexual harassment training requirements

Everything you need to know to get your team compliant in the state of Maine When it comes to training both new recruits and seasoned employees on state-specific compliance requirements,...

6 min read

New York sexual harassment training requirements

Learn all about New York's sexual harassment training requirements and how to stay compliant.

8 min read