In this episode of How We Tackle People Stuff, our VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, sat down with Zoë Johannas, Head of People and Recruiting at Superhuman. They discussed Superhuman’s journey in enhancing productivity, improving company culture, and leveraging Ethena’s compliance training.

💼 Building a Productive Workforce: Zoë Johannas shares Superhuman’s mission to make email a more enjoyable and efficient tool for professionals, emphasizing the role of people operations in driving this change.

📚 Ethena’s Impact: The positive influence of Ethena’s unique, engaging compliance training on Superhuman’s team, making crucial training both effective and enjoyable.

🌍 Maintaining Company Culture: Insights into Superhuman’s commitment to fostering an ethical and inclusive workplace, supported by Ethena’s comprehensive training solutions.

🚀 Evolving Partnership: The evolution of Ethena’s training offerings, including cybersecurity and case management tools, and their alignment with Superhuman’s growth and needs.

🔍 Integration and Efficiency: How integrating Ethena’s training with Superhuman’s existing systems streamlined processes and enhanced onboarding.

💬 Future of HR and Compliance: A look into the strategic role of HR and compliance in scaling tech companies and maintaining a cohesive and motivated workforce.

Tune in to learn from Zoë Johannas’ experiences and discover how Ethena supports Superhuman’s mission to create a happier, more productive work environment.

… and more! 🎧

Duration: 14 minutes