People are at the heart of human resources. But how do HR generalists, People managers, and other similar roles stay focused on their people? These days, HR professionals are now tasked with addressing societal issues that face employees and providing organizational change from within – on top of payroll, benefits administration, complaints, and orchestrating employee activities.

While modern tech can streamline HR programs, not many can help an HR leader with moving the needle to embrace a more inclusive and ethical workforce. For this, HR training software is an invaluable and useful tool for HR leaders to keep track of compliance, training and retention, and employee sentiment, just to name a few.

What HR training software is out there?

Whether you are a small HR department juggling several responsibilities, or you’re exploring moving some (or all) of your in-person trainings to virtual, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular HR software for you to consider:

  1. EVERFI: People analytics, analyzed. EVERFI’s platform compiles people data into one platform making it a simple and useful program for People teams. As a training provider that’s been around for more than a decade, EVERFI boasts a large amount of course content, from financial education, to HR-related courses, to K-12 education, and more. The downside of this is that HR leaders looking for a provider that can meet the specific needs of their organization in the long-run may have difficulty finding every course they need covered.
  2. Navex: Navex is HR training software that is great for People teams who manage a global workforce. They offer a suite of courses ranging on topics like Global Data Privacy, Antitrust & Competition Law, Conflicts of Interest, Cybersecurity, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Discrimination-Free Workplace, COVID-19 and the Workplace, Working Remotely, and more. Due to their size, they have excellent translation options and can handle many human resources information systems (HRIS) integrations. However, their training might not be the most – engaging. With recorded audio and basic animations, studies show that if HR training software isn’t providing good content, it’s changing employee behavior.
  3. Emtrain: Emtrain is HR training software that focuses on skill-based learning, digestible microlessons, and behavior change. Just like Ethena, they are also women-founded and women-led, and they provide a robust assortment of benchmarking tools. Their course library has an array of options as well, with topics such as Workplace Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion, and Ethics & Compliance. Similar to Navex however, their training content can seem to miss the mark with engagement. The best HR training software needs to deliver content above the typical status quo. Plus, the HR administration experience isn’t exactly convenient. It often requires HR teams to spend days of work each to make sure employees are meeting training requirements while onboarding new members, which is a major pain point HR teams care about when shopping for an employee training platform.
  4. KnowBe4: KnowBe4 is a modern HR training software that is great for organizations focused on cybersecurity and Data Protection courses. It boasts over 60 built-in reports focuses on cybersecurity topics, and it’s great for enterprise-sized organizations that need this robust level of content for this topic. Not all cybersecurity and data protection training content is made equal, however. The topic typically has a stigma of being dry and convoluted with technical terms and specs. This can make the training upfront seem irrelevant to the typical employee who is just trying to onboard and begin their job. Additionally, other HR trainings through KnowBe4 are additional add-ons, so depending on what your organization needs from its training requirements, you might need another HR training software from this list.
  5. Cornerstone: This HR training software has over 20 years of experience in the game, and has many clients in over 180 countries. This is a great solution for larger or international companies who need to leverage Cornerstone’s pre-built international configurations. If you’re looking for a Learning Management Systems (LMS), then their courses come alongside it with nice bundles you may want to consider. If you need to start from scratch with an HR training software, or just have a lot of specific requirements to manually take care of, Cornerstone might not be your best option. Due to their large customer base, their customer support cannot provide much hands-on assistance. In addition, their software doesn’t have an UX-first, easy experience to navigate and learn, making this option one that requires lots of manual troubleshooting, self-service solutioning, and more.
  6. Rippling: Rippling is an HR training software that brings together payroll, benefits, HR, IT, and more, so you can manage all your employee operations in one place — from onboarding to offboarding. This is a great tool for startups who need an all-inclusive solution that eliminates various other HR software products, but also for larger organizations looking to cut costs and reorganize some of their HR software into one or two platforms. While it offers a robust suite of features for HR and People leaders, it doesn’t have a laser-focused approach when it comes to HR training content. For training content to equip and stick with employees, it needs to do more than just check the box in regards to fulfilling HR training requirements.
  7. Ethena: Ethena is an HR training software built for today’s teams. Founded by two women who were tired of sexual harassment, gendered feedback, and other non-inclusive microagressions in the workplace, they questioned the status quo when it came to HR trainings. Why weren’t they effective in curbing unwanted workplace behaviors? Why did employees not enjoy them? Why did HR and People leaders tolerate them? The pursuit of the answers and a commitment to helping companies build better workplaces is how Ethena was born. Modern, engaging, unique content is really where Ethena shines. And as a HR training software that focuses only on HR trainings, its not divided on competing priorities within the HR-tech space. With over 1 million positive reviews and a Best-in-Class rating in the compliance training space, Ethena is a powerhouse to reckon with that should definitely be in your top HR training software choices when considering a new platform to go with.

How HR training management software works

Incorporating any of the above HR training software can relieve some of the administrative burden of everyday tasks.

But additionally, it should be designed to not only reduce administrative work, but to free up both HR leaders and employees from hours of painstaking, virtual or in-person training sessions. The best HR training software should help People leaders educate workers on company policies, allow them to track the effectiveness of the training, and automate most follow up work or compliance check ins in just a few clicks.

Done right, HR training platforms can impact culture

Let’s take a deep dive into Ethena and why it works.

With powerful compliance training tools and engaging content, Ethena’s training is helping employees navigate tricky situations, solve problems, and view human resources as a helpful, trusted partner. Gone are the days of staged and cringey scenarios in HR training sessions. You know, the trainings that end with grumbling employees saying, “that would never happen!”

Ethena training courses are different. They are produced by award-winning and experienced educators and in counsel with legal firms to make sure they check the boxes for compliance purposes. They are not only relevant to today’s workers and the issues they face, but are also compelling and thoughtful. They even include topics that deal with situations arising from remote workforces, discussing politics in the workplace, and more.

Ethena utilizes dynamic content to bring difficult concepts to life so learners can engage in new ways. But there is more to just creating modern content.

At the core of Ethena’s features is a commitment to provide HR training that pushes a company forward and creates compassion amongst the staff. It empowers employees to lead by example and model good behavior. That training extends beyond the workplace and creates understanding within their community.

Good HR software training courses can create real change

HR training software needs good training courses. Yes, the software is all about streamlining work for HR managers, creating great content, and affecting real change. But at its core, the content itself requires excellent HR software training courses to back it up.

Ethena has developed an array of HR software training courses designed to impact and change workplace behaviors. in-depth code of conduct training courses that will guide employees to make proper decisions in the workplace. It will help employees improve how they interact with their colleagues and customers.

The courses tackle some of the biggest issues facing the modern workforce including, but not limited to:

Harassment Prevention

Ethena’s Harassment Prevention training course covers all federal and state legal regulations for compliance, and includes modern, relatable scenarios on topics that help employees actually deal with challenges like sexual harassment.

  • Topics: Intersectionality, Bystander Intervention, Online Harassment, Women’s Equal Pay Day, Allyship at Work, Bias, Pregnancy, and so much more.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

This DEI course helps learners understand, support, and celebrate coworkers with rising identities through compassion and intersectional awareness. The courses include real-life training examples with media-rich content.

  • Topics: DEI training and best practices, identity, microaggressions, and more.

Did you know? Companies that prioritize DEI efforts are predicted to do better and attract and retain top talent.

Data Protection

This Data Protection course covers the basics of data privacy and data security. It gives learners the tools to identify and prevent risks when handling sensitive personal information.

  • Topics: Privacy Basics, HIPAA, Phishing, Data Protection & Marketing, and more.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Ethena’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption course gives learners a foundational understanding of the legal do’s and don’t’s of the workplace in an easy-to-understand format. Translation? No legal jargon!

  • Topics: Hiring and Bribery, Booking and Internal Accounting, Political Activities & Donations, Social Media Communications, Retaliation, and more.

Looking for HR training software for your company?

We hope this roundup of various HR training software was helpful for you. If you’re curious, but still indecisive, we should talk. Ethena might be the very HR training software that’s right for you.

  • Saves time on paperwork so you can focus on people work. Ethena training integrates with several leading HRIS platforms. Your learners can complete courses when it’s convenient for them, on a computer or on their phone. Ethena can also send notifications and training reminders through email and Slack. Plus, it can provide conclusive, real-time data on compliance, allowing you to truly “set it and forget it” when it comes to HR training software benefits. Ethena has been proven to save HR leaders approximately 145 hours/year from manual, compliance paperwork.
  • Employee-friendly training that equips and sticks. The beauty of Ethena is its commitment to quality content, and it shows. With over 1 million ratings gathered from learners, and over 92% positive ratings, it’s just getting started. Thanks to its in-house content team with producers, story writers, illustrators, and more, it even produces trainings that meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to accommodate all types of learners. With effective training, HR managers can move the needle for their workplace toward an inclusive and ethical work environment.
  • Bring company values to life. Ethena provides HR training for the modern workplace. It’s designed to help People teams and leadership show employees, customers, and the public what values the company cares about most. Assigning effective DEI training, for example, shows ethics and inclusion is a key business priority. But assigning Code of Conduct training also shows what kind of workplace behaviors are acceptable, and unacceptable, in your work environment.