Hiring and recruiting teams can now train monthly with Ethena’s best-in-class online curriculum

Following the success of Ethena’s Harassment Prevention and Anti-Bribery & Corruption courses, Ethena has launched a new course: Hiring & Interviewing! Hiring great talent is one of the most important things a company can do, and it’s crucial to know legal best practices while being consistent and inclusive.

This course covers the fundamental legal do’s and don’ts around hiring and interviewing (Ethena worked with global law firm Baker McKenzie to ensure the important regulations are covered) and why this matters to all employees, regardless of position. With a focus on implicit bias and U.S. federal laws, this course gets everyone on the same page about the best practices for an inclusive and effective hiring process.

Of course, Ethena goes above and beyond just teaching learners how to run a legally-compliant interview. Learners can expect to understand how to also run an inclusive process, navigate small talk, take unbiased and accurate interview notes, run an effective post-interview evaluation meeting, and more. Just as hiring is an ongoing process for any company, Ethena’s training is too. Our innovative, training-over-time model is built not only to keep important concepts top of mind when learners are actively interviewing, but also to introduce new, fresh topics every month.

A note on Hiring & Interviewing from our VP of Content, Austin Light:

Going with your gut is a solid move when picking out ice cream, less so when hiring new employees. Our new course comes packed with actionable tips employees at any level can use. It also comes packed with some of our best illustrations yet. We can confidently say there is no other training out there that includes animated snakes in business ties.

Ethena worked with global law firm Baker McKenzie, to develop a comprehensive legal overview, covering subjects like Title VII, ADA, ADEA, the CROWN Act, and more. Much like Ethena’s Harassment Prevention, the Hiring & Interviewing course will include short, two- to three-minute monthly nudges delivered to learner inboxes and designed to fit the moment.

Since its founding in 2019, Ethena dynamic approach to training is the result of our commitment to make training that’s engaging to learners, relevant to modern attention spans, and convenient to access for in-person offices and remote teams alike. Our proactive-over-reactive style is written for the moment and built to engage all type of adult learners, featuring digestible, newsletter-style reads, illustrations and graphic novels, podcast-style audio, and short video. Our training addresses real and essential topics, like Hiring & Interviewing, and goes above and beyond the legal basics to target difficult, gray areas.

For more information on Hiring & Interviewing, as well as all current and upcoming Ethena training, please visit our Courses page.