Configured training to fit your company’s needs

Looking for Code of Conduct training online can be difficult when you need training that’s both excellent and feels right for your teams. So how can you find training that not only employees love, but one that saves time for administrators, all while configuring to support your organizational values?

Ethena’s latest, most configurable training, Code of Conduct, is now available, and it’s important for teams looking to build a strong foundation of healthy company culture. Below, we’ll break down why Code of Conduct training matters and why Ethena’s training is some of the best out there now. Let’s dive in!

Why is code of conduct training important

Training on Code of Conduct is increasingly becoming standard practice – public companies, private companies, and even early-stage startups are developing Codes of Conduct and training their teams on them to ensure everyone’s on the same page about expectations — and opportunities. And this isn’t just a check-the-box exercise: It’s an opportunity to make sure everyone understands what they should be doing and how it relates to a company’s mission.

A screenshot of Ethena's Code of Conduct training with a lesson on "Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying."
A screenshot of Ethena’s Code of Conduct training

And the consequences of sub-par training are no joke. Harassment is still prevalent in modern workspaces, even post-pandemic, and bad training can actually cause more harassment in the long run.

On the flip side, research shows that the better training is, the more effective its results, and if employees really engage with it, all the better. Plus, training gives teams the tools they need to prepare for harassment and misconduct when it inevitably happens. Having a great Code of Conduct training sets expectations for excellent behavior while giving employees the resources they need to protect and improve their daily work life.

What makes Ethena’s Code of Conduct training better

As Codes of Conduct have become more common — required for public companies, and best practice for strong teams — leadership, legal, compliance, and HR teams have had to confront how to ensure that these Codes get woven into company culture. With Ethena’s signature approach to training, focused on well-timed, quality content that can be reinforced throughout the year, Code of Conduct trainees are much more prepared to retain important lessons and apply them to everyday work life.

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With Ethena’s Code of Conduct course, compliance admins can choose from a catalog of 26 short (2-5 minute) lessons on topics ranging from Conflicts of Interest to HIPAA to build a Code of Conduct training that matches the specific needs, values, and culture of their organization.

An image from Ethena's Code of Conduct training: felt animal coworkers look at an iPhone together.
An image from Ethena’s Code of Conduct training

Not only can leaders curate a unique playlist of training for their team members; they can even deliver training at precisely the right time. Ethena’s compliance platform enables admins to deliver short lessons on important policies and procedures at the moments that matter. For example, a company can deliver its “Gifts and Entertainment” training nudge before the holiday season for maximum impact and retention.

Ethena trains some of the most innovative tech companies and is excited to partner with companies, like Zoom, to offer a best-in-class Code of Conduct training:

In today’s constantly evolving business landscape, continuous learning in all aspects of an organization is essential. At Zoom, we extend our passion for continuous learning to our Code of Conduct to help foster value- and purpose-oriented teams, just as our product teams leverage their learnings to create the next generation of product and business innovation.

–Lynn Haaland, Chief Compliance, Ethics, and Privacy Officer at Zoom

Get your own unique Code of Conduct training with Ethena

With over 26 lesson options, an intuitive and easy onboarding and training assignment process, and dedicated Ethena customer support, getting a Code of Conduct training that feels fresh, engaging, and important for your team is only a few clicks away!

To learn more about how Ethena’s configurable Code of Conduct training can satisfy your compliance needs and support your company values, schedule time to talk to a member of our team.  And if you’re interested in seeing it in action, why not try a sample training yourself?

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