LMS Essentials

Get the most important learning management system (LMS) features you need with support for a variety of file types, including:

✅ SCORM (all types)              ✅ CMI5
✅ AICC                                   ✅ PDF
✅ xAPI                                    ✅ Video

Your Training, Our Platform

Use our LMS training portal to level up your in-house training with our time-saving tools:

  • Assign courses to teams, managers, or a selected list
  • Author check on learning quizzes to test learners’ comprehension
  • Set deadlines and schedule automatic reminders
  • Use auto enrollment to keep new employees up-to-date
  • Send reminders to managers to motivate teams toward completion

Centralized LMS Reporting

Use our at-a-glance dashboard to make easy work of your LMS reporting needs. Track training completions, or easily pull in-depth reports like:

  • Overviews of all assigned training (yours included)
  • Deep-dives into individual courses or assignments
  • Progress reports at an individual level

Policy Attestation

Host your code of conduct, key policies, and your employee handbook in one place, and use simple workflows to ensure employees have read these materials.

  • Assign policies to learners so they can attest that they have read and understood them.
  • Easily report on policy attestation with clear tracking and dashboards.
  • Save time with automated reminders to employees who have not yet reviewed their assigned policies.

We play nicely with others

Our LMS Essentials feature gives your in-house training a power-up with help from our integration partners.

  • Remind your teams to take their training with Slack, ZoomChat and email integrations
  • Select who receives each training with data powered by your HRIS.

Leveraging Ethena’s LMS, we seamlessly assign and track mandatory compliance training, ensuring a consistent experience.

Lauren Gagliardi, Senior Human Resources Manager, Betterup

We’re very excited to be on board with Ethena’s LMS functionality. As we looked at the core functionality of Ethena it really felt like a win-win.

Mattie Isaac, VP People, Shogun

There are nuances specific to Snap that we wanted to incorporate into the training, from scenarios to policies. Ethena made it super easy for us to do.

David Mangini, Senior Compliance Program Manager, Snap

Let’s build a better workplace together

With powerful compliance training tools and engaging content, Ethena is helping employees navigate tricky situations, solve problems, and view HR as a trusted partner. Schedule time with a member of our team to learn more about our compliance training platform and courses.

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