Mental Health Awareness

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Mental health is an integral facet to maintaining productivity and success at work. As mental health becomes a more widely recognized area of concern at work, this training outlines how to build safe and inclusive spaces and equips employees with strategies to protect them.

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What’s covered

This course covers the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and how it relates to employee mental health. The course also offers actionable tips on maintaining work-life balance and recovering from burnout.

  • 13 minutes
  • 3 training modules
  • Content configuration available
  • Created with tech companies in mind
  • Deliver via Ethena’s LMS or your LMS solution

Mental Health in the Workplace

  • A discussion on how work and mental health interact
  • The ADA and mental health

Recovering From Burnout

  • Causes and symptoms of burnout
  • Tips on how to tackle burnout

Work-Life Balance

  • Actionable solutions for scheduling time off during holidays
  • Tips on maintaining clear communication boundaries

Skills learned

  • Understand the mental health protections employees enjoy at work
  • Learn about burnout – how to detect, prevent, and recover from it
  • Gain actionable tips on communicating and maintaining clear work-life boundaries so employees can show up as their most productive selves
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Why train your teams on Mental Health Awareness

Mental health in the workplace has become quite a hot topic – and for good reason. When employees can bring their full (and best!) selves to work, it boosts everything from engagement to productivity. Having those conversations around mental health and psychological safety is imperative to building a healthy, safe, and supportive workplace culture — and ensuring team members can do their best work in both the short and long term.


Help us help you

When employees feel empowered to bring their full selves to work and have access to supportive strategies, the research is clear — they’re simply more productive on the job.


Swap tension for retention

Keeping your finger on the pulse of employee mental health makes it easier to maintain high retention across your org. That’s because when folks feel supported and cared for in their own workplace, they’re far less likely to look elsewhere. 😊


More than meets the eye 👀

People are often battling issues that may not be clear on the surface. Talking about mental health and providing employees with strategies to protect their boundaries is a win-win. It helps build a healthy company culture where everyone thrives — together.

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Our analytics dashboards track training completion and provide in-depth reports.

  • Slice metrics by department, location or role
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  • Dive deeper with custom analytics


Enhanced hotline and case management suite

Give your team the tools to navigate tricky situations at work.

  • Encourage employees to speak up with misconduct reporting
  • Track and respond to concerns with case management
  • Meet whistleblower hotline requirements (SOX, SOC II, EU Whistleblower Directive)

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