Equity 101

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Equity can be a great addition to your employees’ compensation, but managing shares and options is much more complicated than direct-depositing a paycheck. This course will turn your team into equity experts — it covers the ins and outs of taxes and legal considerations so your employees can make the most of their investment.

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What’s covered

Equity 101 helps your employees understand their stock options so they can make smart choices with their equity compensation. It provides a foundational overview of stock options, how to make elections and exercise options, and important legal and tax considerations.

  • 36 minutes
  • 4 training modules
  • Content configuration available
  • Created with tech companies in mind
  • Deliver via Ethena’s LMS or your LMS solution


  • Why understanding stock options is important
  • Course roadmap

Stock Options Basics

  • Definitions of key terms such as options, shares, vesting, fair-market value, and more
  • Types of stock options (ISOs, NSOs, RSAs, RSUs)
  • The relationship between options, shares, and salary compensation

Exercising Stock Options

  • Tax implications
  • Risk framework
  • Choosing when to exercise

Legal Regulations

  • U.S. Securities Law
  • Stock transfers
  • Insider trading
  • Closed trading periods

Skills learned

  • Equity compensation can take many forms — this course gives learners an overview of all types and how they relate to one another.
  • Learners will be instructed in tax implications of exercising options and how to apply a personal risk framework to exercise decisions.
  • This course tackles the law, too. It covers relevant U.S. securities laws and how to steer clear of insider trading.

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Why train your teams on Equity 101

Equity can be a complicated subject, and yet few teams offer formal training to their employees to help them navigate it. Equity 101 is the only e-learning course designed to help your team understand, appreciate, and maximize their equity.


RSU sure?

The acronyms alone can be enough to overwhelm employees when it comes to equity compensation. This course parses out the different types of options and shares so employees know what they’re working with.


Risky business

Decisions about exercising options and trading shares are highly personal and can depend on each individual’s risk tolerance. Equity 101 offers a risk framework to help learners make the equity decisions best suited to their personal needs.


Knowledge is power

Without a clear understanding of equity, employees are more prone to write it off as an unimportant part of their compensation package. This course helps team members take control of their stock options and see the value in their (literal!) investment in the company.

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