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Diversity, equity, and inclusion are like a bacon-egg-cheese – you need all three for a perfect sandwich, and you need all parts for a more inclusive workplace. Provide your team with the ingredients to understand, support, and celebrate coworkers from diverse backgrounds and build a better, more inclusive organization.

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What’s covered in our DEI training?

This course covers foundational concepts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), along with clear definitions of terms and fundamentals and tools to identify a range of biases, intersectionalities, and places to bring more compassion and awareness to bring everyone to the same table.

  • 40 minutes
  • 7 training modules
  • Optional microlearning
  • Additional languages available
  • Customize content
  • Created to help learners understand, support and celebrate coworkers with rising identities through compassion and intersectional awareness
  • Deliver via Ethena’s LMS or your LMS solution

Introduction to DEI

  • Why DEI work matters
  • Acknowledging biases

DEI Fundamentals
  • Key terms and definitions
  • The 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention

  • Defining identity, rising identities, and intersectionality

  • How our social identities converge to shape us

  • Types of biases and how to root them out

  • Intent vs. impact framework
  • Strategies for speaking up

Inclusive Workplace Best Practices

  • Building inclusive workplaces as a team

Available Mini-Courses
  • Keeping DEI Work Sustainable
  • DEI in the Remote and Hybrid Workplace
  • Disability Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Visible, Invisible, and Hypervisible Identities
  • Being an Ally with a Rising Identity
  • Discussing Politics at Work FAQ
  • Religious Inclusivity
  • Understanding Privilege
  • Bias in Hierarchical Relationships
  • Running a Live DEI Discussion
  • Starting an ERG
  • Neurodiversity and Workplace Communication (coming soon)
  • Tokenism in the Workplace (coming soon)

Skills learned

  • An understanding of internal biases and how to change behavior to create an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves at work
  • A playbook for building better relationships through bystander intervention, identifying biased behavior, and navigation mistakes with empathy when they happen
  • An ability to hold informed conversations that build a more inclusive culture

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Why train your teams on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion?

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training may not be a legally mandated course, but it is incredibly important regardless. The more workplaces diversify, the clearer the importance of diversity to company success becomes. But diversity has to be actively sustained through inclusive and equitable efforts.


More diversity, better business outcomes

Good DEI training can help companies understand not only how to not only build more diverse teams, but can also teach the importance and value of building an inclusive culture.


I’m no expert, but …

This course makes sure everyone, including leadership, gets on the same page by approaching topics in a thoughtful way that doesn’t make assumptions or make anyone feel bad about where they are in their own DEI journey.


We’ve already gotten an A in DEI

We get it: it can be hard finding training that aligns with your company’s DEI initiatives and goals. We create content with that in mind: including racially and culturally diverse names and characters, inclusive language, and authentic scenarios beyond the fundamentals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training course preview

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Flexible integrations and training delivery

Deliver training exactly where you want with hundreds of integrations.

  • Host Ethena training on our LMS or yours
  • HRIS integrations for seamless employee management
  • Email, Slack and ZoomChat training notifications


Easy and accurate reporting tools

Our analytics dashboards track training completion and provide in-depth reports.

  • Slice metrics by department, location or role
  • Export reports for regulators or third parties
  • Dive deeper with custom analytics


Enhanced hotline and case management suite

Give your team the tools to navigate tricky situations at work.

  • Encourage employees to speak up with misconduct reporting
  • Track and respond to concerns with case management
  • Meet whistleblower hotline requirements (SOX, SOC II, EU Whistleblower Directive)

Workplace training that gets done
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I love the examples provided. These happen in REAL LIFE!

—Ethena Learner

As someone with an invisible disability, I appreciate how this training was handled. Thank you.

—Ethena Learner

These modules are the best applications of DEI training I’ve seen. Concise, relevant, gracious, and nuanced.

—Ethena Learner

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