When we first released our Cybersecurity course, there was one question we got a lot. “Does it come with a phishing simulator?”

And while there was a brief time we won’t speak of when the answer was, “No, but it’s coming,” we’re now happy to announce that the answer is, “Yes, Cybersecurity Awareness does come with a phishing simulator! Thanks for asking! 😀”

Even better, this tool is completely free with the purchase of Cybersecurity, so let’s talk through the details.

What is a phishing simulator?

The Ethena Phishing Simulator is a tool designed to strengthen your org’s resilience against phishing attacks. To do that, it replicates real-world phishing scenarios, giving employees a platform on which to safely navigate the stormy seas of phishing attacks. (And apologies in advance for all the fishing- and water-related puns coming your way. We truly cannot help ourselves.)

Offered as part of  our Cybersecurity course, the simulator acts as a friendly guide to help admins pinpoint areas where their teams could use some shoring up. It’s a fin-fin win-win — either our net captures some of your team members, proving that the exercise was necessary, or it doesn’t catch anyone, proving that your team is savvier than most and that your training program is going swimmingly. (So keep doing what you’re doing.)

How does it work?

The phishing simulator will send randomized emails as part of a single campaign, delivering staggered messages over a set interval so that your cover isn’t blown by employees all receiving the same fake email at once. The tool includes real-life phishing templates that mimic emails from the very systems your team actually uses, and the platform can be set up to automatically assign just-in-time training for any employees who experience a phish-phail. 

There are a lot of moving parts, but they’re entirely on our end (thank you to our Engineering team!), so you’ll be working with security awareness training that gets the thumbs up from your InfoSec team but is simple and straightforward enough to be run by an intern. 

Additional features worth noting

You’ll find even more once you start exploring on your own, but here are a few more pieces of high-level functionality we couldn’t leave without highlighting:

  • The ability to set up campaigns in just four steps
  • A simple dashboard with a clear, prominent risk score
  • Easy-to-parse metrics like click-to-open rate and benchmarking against other companies — broken down by department so you can spot trends
  • It’s embedded within Ethena so you can use your existing team list
  • Did we mention it’s free??

Level-up your Cybersecurity program with Ethena’s new Phishing Simulator

These days, the inclusion of a phishing simulator in a company’s cybersecurity program has become an expectation of anyone from customers, to insurance carriers, to SOC II auditors, and beyond. So set yourself up for success with Ethena’s tool — one that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your training solutions without bogging you down in unnecessary details. 

Are you ready to take your cybersecurity from the page into real life with an interactive phishing campaign? Get in touch with a member of our Sales team to schedule a demo today, send yourself a sample of our Cybersecurity training, or take a look at the pricing page if you want to do some more poking around on your own. We know you’ll end up as confident as we are that this is the catch of the day. (That really was the last one, we promise.)

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