For any modern workplace, compliance training is no longer just a “check-the-box activity” — it’s a critical component of organizational success. With both state and federal regulations constantly evolving and workplace dynamics shifting, employers need robust solutions to ensure their employees are trained and well-versed in topics like sexual harassment and discrimination, workplace violence prevention, data privacy, and more.

It’s no secret that partnering with the right training solution can mean major benefits for your organization. Beyond checking HR compliance and training needs off your list, a great employee training platform can give some serious time back to your organization with automation and smart analytics.

Ethena (that’s us, hi!) and Traliant are two prominent players in the online compliance training space, and we both offer unique features and approaches. Below, we’ll dive into a detailed comparison between us and Traliant, exploring strengths and weaknesses to help you determine which platform is best for your company.

We promise to be as unbiased as possible. 😉

Getting to know Ethena

Ethena is a comprehensive compliance training platform designed to simplify the process of employee training on a variety of regulatory requirements and ethical standards. We use a combination of engaging content, interactive modules, and data-driven insights to deliver a uniquely immersive learning experience.

Curious what makes us different? Our approach is rooted in cultural change — in other words, we’re focused on shifting employee attitudes and behaviors, rather than just sharing knowledge through training. Pretty cool, huh?

Getting to know Traliant

Traliant positions itself as a modern training solution tailored to address contemporary compliance challenges. It emphasizes the use of video-based learning, microlearning modules, and customizable content to cater to a wide variety of workforce needs.

Traliant combines “in-house legal expertise with modern, emotionally engaging course design to redefine compliance, training experiences and services.”

Ethena and Traliant: a side-by-side features comparison

1. Admin experience

People teams often overlook the admin experience of a training solution for other features, like course offerings or pricing. The truth is, an excellent admin experience (including the right integrations) is essential to finding an employee training software that actually saves your team time and money.

With Ethena, you can assign recurring training (or one-time training) based on role and location. You can also use our preset retraining dates (or adjust them to your schedule) and assign courses to teams, managers, or a specific selected list. Our functionality also allows you to set deadlines and schedule automatic reminders.

We built Ethena with effectiveness and efficiency in mind, so workplace training doesn’t feel like… well, work. Or training.

Traliant’s administrative experience, on the other hand, leaves a few things to be desired. You may find it’s difficult to track employee completion due to the platform’s lack of control and accessibility. Other potential downsides include challenges around removing learners, and the inability to assign set courses to specific individuals.

2. Content quality and relevance

Ethena offers a rich library of content curated by industry experts, covering a wide range of compliance topics like harassment prevention and workplace violence prevention. Our training content is regularly updated to reflect the latest regulatory changes and best practices.

Additionally, Ethena has dozens of mini-courses within our main courses. This means our training library is comprised of 200+ courses total (and it’s growing every day!) Plus, our courses are more in-depth, at an average of 34 minutes compared Traliant’s 27.2 minutes.

Traliant also offers an extensive selection of training courses, but you may find that the course material looks and feels a bit outdated, compared to more modern platforms like Ethena.

3. Engagement and interactivity

Ethena’s training content ranges from audio options, to videos, to graphics novels, and more, making training feel dynamic and exciting. It’s even compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), so employees who need, say audio-only versions of training can be accommodated.

Both Traliant and Ethena offer interactive quizzes throughout their courses. They’re both engaging without neglecting the primary goal: helping employees understand compliance-related content without overpowering them with formalities.

4. Customization

Ethena’s platform is highly customizable, which allows our customers to tailor the training content to their specific needs, branding guidelines, and compliance requirements. This kind of flexibility also enables our customers to address unique challenges and incorporate company-specific policies with ease.

Looking for a best-in-class employee training platform? Try Ethena

As a training solution, Ethena shines because we have the best training content out there. Paired with an excellent admin experience, easy employee and administrator accessibility, great analytics tools, and smart automation, it’s in a league of its own when it comes to employee training platforms.

Our content is engaging, memorable, and (dare we say) enjoyable! Ninety-two percent (92%) of Ethena’s active learners on the platform rated Ethena’s training content positively, like Harassment PreventionCode of ConductDiversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and more. Ethena’s training is also built to train over time or all-at-once, so teams looking to provide monthly or quarterly training refreshers can do so via the Ethena platform to keep important lessons and resources top-of-mind.