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Code of Conduct Training Course

Code of Conduct training that employees will value

If a company’s Code of Conduct exists but no one takes the time to read it, does it really make an impact? Go beyond simple attestation with Ethena’s research-backed approach to Code of Conduct training. Focus on the issues that are most relevant to your teams and industry by picking from a list of 25 short, engaging micro-lessons. Enterprise customers can configure each course to make it feel even more homegrown with branding, support for a video message from leadership, and configurable attestation tracking and policy slides.

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Code of Conduct topics:

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  • Unethical/Illegal Conduct

  • Retaliation


  • Health and Safety

  • Substance Abuse/Weapons

Harassment & DEI

  • EEO

  • Harassment/Discrimination/Bullying

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Fair Competition

  • Fair Dealing

  • Competition/Antitrust


  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Corporate Opportunities

  • Exclusion

  • Surveillance

Financial Crimes

  • Anti-money Laundering/Know Your Customer/Know Your Supplier

  • Anti-corruption

  • Books and Records

Company & Data Protection

  • Insider Trading

  • Protecting Confidential Information

  • Intellectual Property

  • Social Media Communications

  • Data Privacy

  • Information Security/Cyber Security

Political Activities & Working with the Government

  • Political Activities/Donations

  • Government Interactions

  • Gifts, Travel, & Entertainement

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Interested in training your team to build a healthy, ethical workplace? Request a demo today to learn about Ethena's unique approach and dynamic content.

Compliance training for modern teams

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Easy Onboarding

Onboard your team quickly with a CSV or keep learner data updated in near real-time with HRIS integrations. Partner with a dedicated CSM to help you along the way.

Compelling Content

Smart, engaging course content that never goes out-of-style. Includes current events - designed with the modern learner in mind.

Measuring Impact

Track who is behind on training at a glance, capture learner feedback, and analyze changes in learner behavior to identify knowledge gaps you can act on.

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Informative, cringe-free content delivered through innovative methods–that actually works

Ethena solves compliance’s biggest headaches for teams of every size

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