Listen, we get it — picking a compliance training vendor can be stressful. Not only does the training go out to your entire company, but we’re betting you’ve gotten a complaint or two (or ten) in the past. 

Plus, some topics are legally required, which adds an extra level of stress. As if you needed to worry about another thing when your plate is already so full.

So to help make your decision that much easier, we’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of Ethena and one of our competitors. In this case, we’re talking Ethena vs. EasyLlama. We’ll talk through the areas where our approaches differ, giving you all the information you need in order to confidently make the decision that’s best for you and your org. 

How to think about your decision-making process

We’ll get into the specifics below, but here’s the high-level look. 

If you care most about: lightening your admin lift, increasing learner engagement, and intuitive automations, Ethena is probably the best choice for you…while if your highest priorities are quantity of courses, price, or integration with one of the rarer HRIS platforms, you might be happier with EasyLlama for the moment.

Let’s dive into the details.

When to choose Ethena

Here are the three main ways we distinguish ourselves from EasyLlama. (And don’t worry, you don’t need to take it entirely from us. We’ll also include some customer testimonials a bit lower on the page so you know we aren’t just blowing smoke.)

1. A lighter admin lift

From what we hear, it sounds like EasyLlama onboarding is still an extremely manual process — which you won’t find to be the case at Ethena. We provide hard-working admins with a simple and intuitive set of controls in the backend so you can set it and forget it — simplifying training objectives, boosting completion rates, and helping you spot high-level patterns that can be easily actioned on. All without adding another item to your already-full plate.

Plus, if you encounter a snag along the way, our stellar Customer Success team is standing by to wow you with their knowledge, creativity, and promptness in turning around a comprehensive solution.

One way to check this for yourself — when talking with vendors, ask them who will be answering your emails once you’re a customer. If you get a name versus an alias like “support@” you’ll likely receive more robust support.

2. Impressive learner engagement

While there’s an argument for EasyLlama having a leg up on breadth of offerings, we more than make up for it with the depth of our content. Ethena’s modern, engaging training content stands head and shoulders above EasyLlama’s, which often looks jazzy…but can trend toward boilerplate. 

We lean the other way: going beyond checking the box to untangle traditionally dense topics and embrace gray-area situations with thoughtfulness and nuance so that your team walks away with meaningful learnings they can apply to real-life situations. And you won’t need to take our word for it! Our training allows for attestations and the ability for employees to rate trainings, so you’ll always know how a given course is landing.

3. Intuitive automations

Ethena’s tech stack frees up chunks of time in any admin’s day-to-day, and we work seamlessly alongside a variety of integration partners that allow us to easily fit into your overall tech stack. 

For example, if a user has a role or location change, our platform adjusts for that automatically, without making you start from scratch with a new course like EasyLlama’s does. We think of it as true automation, as opposed to the individual or cohort assignments for all training or learning journeys that’s still required by our four-legged competitors.

When to choose EasyLlama

No hard feelings, we promise.

1. Breadth of course offerings

We’re expanding our course offerings every day, but there are still some courses offered by EasyLlama that we’ve yet to add to our library. So if you need a Bloodborne Pathogens training or a Clery Act explainer, they might be the choice for you — at least for now. 

2. Quoted pricing

If you’re working within a tight budget and either don’t need as much bang for your buck, or don’t anticipate needing support during the onboarding process, EasyLlama’s self-service model may be able to bring you in at a lower overall cost. 

(But no guarantees, as our pricing page will show you that we’re actually quite similarly priced for companies with fewer than 5o employees, and we pride ourselves on scaling with you — from a tech and pricing perspective.)

3. Quantity of integrations

We’re expanding our list of supported integrations all the time, but we won’t lie: we aren’t everywhere just yet. If you have a business need for one of the rarer HRIS integrations that we don’t yet support, you should (of course!) go for the compliance training provider that gets you closest to what you need. 

Please do let us know what we’re missing, though, so we can ask our bangarang Product team to add it to the roadmap.

For a full list of the functionalities to compare when shopping, check out our Vendor Switch List, available for download now.

Let’s hear from our customers

Didn’t we tell you we wouldn’t ask you to just trust us implicitly? Here’s what folks are saying about Ethena right now about why they chose to become — and to stay — customers. 

From quotes on time-saving measures…

“With our previous harassment prevention provider, it took me about three hours a week to gather training data and begin the escalation or report process to various channels. With Ethena, it only takes me 10-15 minutes, because the dashboards are so easy to use. I save so much time, so often, I can dedicate more time to improving other data infrastructure.”

—Emma Carr, Robinhood

To clips on how our content helps stakeholders and learners alike feel seen…

To G2 reviews that speak to our frictionless automations…


…our customers are agreed that we’re making a serious impact in their workplaces. And we’d love to do the same for yours!

What sets Ethena apart

Now, we realize that not everyone lives and breathes Ethena like we do, so we wanted to give you a little more context about us: our mission, our values, our product offerings, and how we got started.

The unique insight we started with was that if you’re going to have to check a box, you should at least get something out of it. That’s the germ of the idea that occurred to our CEO Roxanne Petraeus during her service in the Army, where she realized that check-the-box training wasn’t helping her fellow soldiers navigate tricky situations — like incidents of sexual harassment, for example.

So when Roxanne met our CTO and software engineer extraordinaire, Anne Solmssen in 2019, they compared notes and discovered they both felt the same way about workplace training: lots of room for improvement.

And improve it they did, starting with our flagship Harassment Prevention training. Still our most popular course offering, it’s evolved with us through the years, adding more video and interactivity, but never losing sight of its clarity, accessibility, and alignment with DEI initiatives.

These days, we have double-digit course offerings, and we’re handing over more and more control to you. Not only can you configure our content to meet your own unique business needs, but you can even host your own training on Ethena with our LMS. 

And since we know that your compliance needs go beyond just training, we’re also premiering new products all the time — like our Employee Hotline tool, which you can tour here. It’s a great add for any workplace (after all, a reporting culture is a healthy culture), but especially crucial for public and/or regulated companies, or those with…

Tied into the hotline is our Case Management tool, a huge, life-changing upgrade to whatever cobbled-together Google product you’re using right now. (That probably doesn’t let you take notes, communicate with the reporter, or track trends, are we right?) Our case management system does all that and more, letting you breathe easier in the event of an investigation or an audit.

Today’s the day to make the leap to Ethena’s intuitive, low-lift platform

So what do you think? Are you ready to talk with a member of our team today about whether a switch is right for you? We’d love to hear from you regardless, just to know how we can best meet your needs.

And one final caveat before we leave you: we built this guide off of information that’s publicly available, as well as what we hear from our customers. So if we’ve gotten something wrong about EasyLlama’s capabilities, please do let us know!