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How much does this cost?

Our Ethena Standard customers pay $4/employee/month for personalized training, compliance tracking, and insights. Yes, that is less than happy hour and it’ll make People Ops way less nervous. For pricing on Ethena Premium and Enterprise, contact us!

Are you sure this checks the compliance box?

Yes and email us for a one pager if your general counsel needs more info. (And not to get on a high horse, but state standards are too low. We do what the EEOC recommends— tailored content delivered regularly.)

I can’t even get my team to do their yearly training. How can I get them to do it monthly?

First, we handle the reminders. Second, our content is interesting and short (about 3-5 mins a session), so we don’t have to chase down too many stragglers.

But I just trained. So I don’t need you for a year, right?

Not quite. Our model is short content delivered over time, so if you start now, you won’t have to rush your team through an hour of training right before your deadline.

Do you integrate with LMS providers?

While we've found HRIS integration makes for a smooth admin experience, an LMS integration isn’t always as straightforward. We have a team of very smart and capable engineers who can help scope your integration needs and make the best recommendation. If your team thinks it would be an essential component of a seamless training experience, we can definitely discuss.

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