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From our robust On-Demand Webinar library to the next HR or Compliance event we'll be attending, explore what we're up to.

Diversity, equity, & inclusion: the conversation between values and bottom line

Ethena’s DEI-focused webinar was a mind-meld of culture, innovation, data, and dreams In celebration of our upcoming Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion course, Tuesday, December 9th, Ethena’s Chief of Staff Anne...

4 min read

Inclusive hiring means building connections with candidates

Ethena’s recent hiring and recruiting webinar focused on inclusivity, bias, diversity, and the candidate experience On Wednesday, December 1st, Ethena’s VP of People Melanie Naranjo was joined by Jessica Yuen...

4 min read

What is “Anti-Bribery Training”?

Ethena’s latest webinar covered our newest training content: Anti-Bribery & Corruption Last month, Ethena launched our newest course, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, our first course since Harassment Prevention. And while most...

3 min read

Moving from mandatory to a moment of learning

Ethena attended and hosted several panels at this year’s ASU/GSV Summit and walked away with some insightful advice. Below are our key takeaways. The annual ASU+GSV Summit brings together ~5,000...

3 min read
Netflix Webinar

Netflix webinar

How Netflix Approaches Culture & Compliance with Melissa Tidwell and Jon Hicks

< 1 min read

Leadership lessons from the battlefield to the boardroom

Hear tips from CEO and co-founder of Ethena Roxanne Petraeus, a combat veteran of the US Army.

2 min read