Compliance training isn’t a nice-to-have — it’s a need-to-have. Beyond the legal requirements (which are reason enough), your employees need guidance to navigate today’s tricky business environment.

Operating a company without adequate compliance training is like giving anyone keys to the warehouse forklift. Bad things will happen.

Most businesses know this, so they quickly find any ol’ compliance training software to get the job done. However, compliance platforms aren’t created equally. Their quality tends to vary between that of a Kia and a Ferrari. They’re just not the same.

Poorly made compliance training checks the legal box, but it doesn’t influence lasting change with your employees. Research shows it can even lead to increased bias after training versus before. Paying money (and wasting your employees’ time) to put your business at potential further risk? Doesn’t sound like a strategy for success.

Fortunately, we have the Ferrari of compliance training software your business needs. First, let’s get on the same page about what compliance training software is — then, we’ll talk about why you need it and how Ethena provides an above-and-beyond experience.

What Is Compliance Training Software?

Compliance training software trains your employees virtually on mandated laws, state regulations, best practices, and emerging topics.

Not sure how to handle politics in the workplace? There’s a course for that. Worried employees might be engaging in bribery or corruption? We got that covered, too. Want to hire a more diverse and inclusive workforce? Yep, you guessed right — we train employees to do that.

Some compliance training is mandatory. For example, companies that employ Californian employees typically must provide sexual harassment training. Others aren’t legally required, but they can still keep your employees (and business) out of deep trouble. For example, data privacy and protection training can teach best best practices that will most likely save your business a heap load of trouble, regardless of your business or industry.

Why Your Employees Need Training Compliance Software

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses did in-office compliance training. You’d have an outside expert or in-house HR professional deliver hour-long lessons accompanied by a sign-up sheet and slideshow presentation. Check, check, done.

Times have changed. Now, many remote and hybrid workforces need a more remote-friendly solution. Compliance training software doesn’t just make education more accessible — it provides a handful of other benefits that in-person training can’t:

  • Progress Monitoring: Track who has (and still needs to) finish their training to ensure you’re on top of company completion status.
  • Automated Reminders: Automatically send emails, Slack messages, and push notifications to alert employees about new trainings and remind others to finish on time.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Empower your employees to train on their own schedules rather than forcing them into a conference room at a time that’s probably inconvenient for at least half the room.
  • Adaptable Formats: Watch training on your phone, desktop, or tablet instead of having to attend an in-person session.
  • Engaging Content: Nobody wants to sit around and listen to a 60-minute PowerPoint lecture. Modern technology lets us create more interesting formats, such as videos, comics, podcasts, and more.

What Makes Ethena the Best Compliance Training Software?

Ethena is our baby — of course, we think it’s the best compliance training software out there! Still, we have facts to back it up. Here’s how Ethena is different from your traditional compliance training platform.

1. Cringe-Free Content

You wouldn’t force your teenagers to watch Dora the Explorer, would you? No. Then why would you demand an employee to watch a dull, sleep-inducing training on harassment prevention? No offense to Dora, but like making young adults answer questions about primary colors (ie, providing boring and obvious answers), boring compliance training can have a similar effect. It’s missing the mark and it’s just not right.

Ethena proudly eschews boring compliance content. We know that if nobody wants to watch the training, they most likely won’t learn from it.

We design our content to be engaging, practical, and delightfully cringe-free. Our expert creatives and educators create fine-tuned content with advice from legal counsel. We deliver it in various formats to keep learning fresh and exciting, much like your Instagram feed. Here’s an example of the different forms we use:

  • Bite-sized articles
  • Unique videos
  • Podcast-esque lessons
  • Colorful comics

It’s the type of content you’d consume even if you weren’t paid to watch it.

2. Refreshingly Simple Admin Tools

Manually organizing and managing compliance training can be a time-consuming, headache-inducing job. What training do our New York-based employees need? How about that new hire in Maine? Did everyone complete the harassment prevention training?

It’s a lot to oversee on your own. Our software does the heavy lifting so that your HR team can focus on high-priority items and the insights behind the numbers. No more trivial reminders or follow-ups — our platform takes care of the minutiae for you.

We’ll deliver the right training to the right employee at the right time, and we’ll do it without causing training fatigue or compliance burnout. Just connect your human resources information system (HRIS) platform or upload a CSV to let the onboarding begin.

3. Research-Backed Delivery

Send your employees magic links, emails, Slack messages, and push notifications to keep them engaged and on track for training completion. Don’t worry — Ethena will monitor progress and automatically send out reminders for you.

Our delivery method is a bit different, too. Instead of throwing a two-hour harassment prevention course at your employees all at once, we deliver bite-sized training over time. This method focuses on learning and adoption rather than cramming and forgetting.

4. Training That (Actually) Gets Completed

Training that’s engaging gets completed, and training that gets completed impacts change. If you’ve ever taken a traditional compliance training course, you know what the real-life experience looks like: Employees open up the course, start the first video, and are greeted by a monotone presenter who reads a script word for word.

Yet, employees can’t skip ahead — even if they read the content. They have to wait for the painfully slow reader to enunciate every last syllable before they can progress. So, what do employees do? They slide their training over to the second monitor, get back to work, and click the “Next” button whenever it’s available.

That’s not training. That’s torture.

Employees engage with Ethena differently, and the results back it up. Our compliance training courses receive an average 93% positive feedback score. Compare that with the meager 17% of participants who rate traditional programs as excellent.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

Your employees and business deserve better than a second-rate solution — they deserve the best compliance training software. Fortunately, we already built it for you. Now, you just need to get a hands-on demo to see it for yourself.

Schedule a time with a member of our team to see how our compliance training platform can help your employees avoid issues, navigate tricky situations, and save HR and Compliance leaders time and resources.

Want to see a sample first? Make a request, and we’ll send you a fully-functioning sample straight to your inbox.