Best practices for inclusive Hiring and Interviewing

Going with your gut feeling is great for picking out ice cream flavors; less so for hiring. Hiring & Interviewing training includes best practices to run an inclusive and effective hiring process, the legal landmines to avoid in interviews, and a spotlight on tackling bias at the process and individual level.

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Looking for Hiring & Interviewing training that’s evidence-based, cringe-free and has a 95% approval rating from learners? 

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Topics Covered:


Anti-Money Laundering & Customer Due Diligence

Books and Records

Competition & Antitrust

Confidential Information & Safeguarding Company

Conflicts of Interest

Corporate Opportunities
Data Privacy

Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion

Equal Employment

Fair Dealing

Gifts, Travel,
& Entertainment

Political Activities & Donations

Reporting Unethical/
Illegal Conduct

Social Media Communications
Substance Abuse & Weapons