Helping to create a safer, more inclusive workplace is one of our chief goals as an organization, and we know that’s true for you and your business, as well. So we’re particularly thrilled to announce our latest course — Workplace Violence Prevention — which was designed to do exactly that.

In case we haven’t crossed paths before, hi! We’re Ethena: a one-stop shop compliance training platform for modern teams, and we keep an eye on upcoming legislation changes so you can sit back and relax (or, more accurately: focus on the rest of your multi-faceted responsibilities). 

And with CA SB 553 set to go into effect in July of this year, there’s never been a better time to get your team one step closer to compliance, so let’s talk through what’s included in our course.

What is Workplace Violence Prevention?

This 10-minute, foundational course focuses on what workplace violence is, as well as how to recognize and proactively respond to potentially violent incidents. It’s geared toward companies of all sizes, but is particularly apt for those businesses with California-based employees looking to get into compliance with CA SB 553. 

Why do I need a Workplace Violence Prevention course?

You’ve probably already heard of SB 553 — this is our third reference to it in this very article, in fact — a bill that applies to virtually every California company. (Whether that means you’re based there, have “significant operations” in the state, or ten or more employees operating there.)

Once CA SB 553 begins being enforced on July 1st, 2024, the majority of companies operating within California will be responsible to do two things:

  1. Implement workplace violence training (like this one, what a coincidence!)
  1. Provide a mechanism through which employees can report incidents, as well as a structure and process for tracking these incidents (check out our Hotline + Case Management tool for this piece, if you haven’t already!)

But even if you aren’t affected by CA SB 553, there are still plenty of reasons to get trained on Workplace Violence Prevention. It helps employees perform their jobs more effectively, shares best practices in the event of an incident, and signals a commitment to workplace safety to employees, shareholders, and the public at large. 

What’s covered in Ethena’s Workplace Violence Prevention course?

This course will instruct your learners on:

  • What workplace violence is
  • Types of workplace violence
  • CA SB 553
  • Understanding your role in your company’s workplace prevention plan
  • How to recognize early signs of workplace violence
  • Best practices for responding to violent workplace incidents 

Commit to workplace safety initiatives early and often with Ethena’s Workplace Violence Prevention course

Are you ready to empower your employees to spot and address early signals of violence in the workplace? And to bring your team that much closer to compliance with CA SB 553? 

Reach out to a member of our Sales team to schedule a demo today, check out the Workplace Violence Prevention plan template we drew up with our legal team, explore our pricing page to see what options we offer, or send yourself a sample of our Workplace Violence Prevention training to get a feel for our style. 

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