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What Makes Best-in-Class Compliance Training?

Top compliance leaders joined Ethena to discuss the compliance training benchmarks every company should know

Earlier this year, Ethena, in partnership with Ethisphere and The Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA), brought together 15 compliance professionals, ranging from program managers to Chief Compliance Officers, to reach a consensus on what defines effective compliance training. With decades of combined experience working in Fortune 500 companies in the tech and finance sectors, the group met over several weeks to discuss tactics for measuring a modern compliance program’s success, focusing on training metrics that all companies should keep top-of-mind.

The resulting report is a concise overview of the three major elements of a successful compliance training program: training completion, value for learners, and behavioral impact. In each of these focus areas, the working group defined best-in-class benchmarks to help compliance teams better understand how their own programs stack up.

In addition to these benchmarks, the group compiled a list of must-have features for modern compliance software. Today’s compliance teams know that the right software can be a game-changing partner in creating effective compliance programs, especially for growing companies, remote offices, and teams with multiple compliance needs. This list serves as a compliance training software buyer’s guide for leaders looking for the best solutions out there.

Download the report below!

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