In this episode of How we tackle people stuff, our CEO and co-founder, Roxanne Petraeus, sits down with Nicole Diaz, Global Head of Integrity and Compliance Legal, and David Mangini, Sr. Compliance Program Manager, to discuss Snap’s collaboration with Ethena to bolster a user-friendly compliance culture, emphasizing the significance of manager roles in ethical training, with features like Team Insights enhancing efficiency and accountability.

Highlights include:

🤝 Emphasis on a Strong Compliance Culture:

  • Nicole and David’s partnership with Ethena underscores Snap’s dedication to nurturing a comprehensive compliance culture.
  • Overcoming challenges faced by larger corporations, where compliance was isolating, Snap has instilled transparency and efficiency with Ethena’s assistance.

🖥️ Prioritizing User-Friendly Systems:

  • David stresses the significance of comprehensible compliance platforms. Ethena’s straightforward communication addresses past issues where employees evaded essential training due to convoluted vendor communications.

💡 Innovative Features and Content:

  • Nicole advocated for Ethena as a contemporary, culture-fitting training platform, contrasting it with other outdated systems.
  • Ethena’s content, lauded by David, boasts engaging elements and resonates with modern promotional techniques.

🔧 Customization for Consistency:

  • Snap, in collaboration with Ethena, tailored their anti-bribery training to synchronize with company guidelines, ensuring a standardized training experience emphasizing the company’s unique guidelines and stipulations.

🚀 Elevating the Role of Managers:

  • Nicole accentuates the pivotal role managers play in discerning and managing ethical issues. Managers should be proactive, understand their crucial function in molding ethical teams, and should continually undergo training and dialogue.
  • The Team Insights feature empowers managers to oversee team compliance, with David highlighting its role in boosting Snap’s training completion rates.

⛓️ Stress on Accountability:

  • David and Nicole underscore the necessity for managers to be both empowered through training and held accountable. Ethena’s features, particularly Team Insights, simplifies the compliance process, emphasizing efficacy and accountability.

🔍 Efficiency for Large Enterprises:

  • With Ethena’s efficient Team Insights feature, major companies like Snap can bypass the clutter of countless emails. A single dashboard refines and enhances the compliance journey, streamlining the entire process.

… and more! 🎧

Duration: 35 minutes