In this episode of How we tackle People stuff at Ethena, our VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, sat down with Jen Hecht, VP of People Operations at our customer, Posit, to dive into a discussion of Posit’s journey of rapid growth, the challenges of maintaining company culture, and the pivotal role of Ethena’s unique compliance training.

Key Takeaways:

📈 Scaling with Purpose: Jen Hecht shares Posit’s exciting journey of expansion, stressing the critical role of people operations in navigating the challenges of scaling while preserving the company’s mission and values.

🤖 Embracing Ethena’s Innovative Training: Discussing the positive impact of Ethena’s unconventional, humor-infused compliance training, Jen highlights how it enhances employee engagement and makes heavy topics approachable.

🌍 Company Culture and Ethical Growth: Insights into Posit’s commitment to maintaining an ethical, inclusive, and safe workplace during rapid growth, underscoring the importance of HR in shaping company culture.

🚀 Ethena’s Evolving Role at Posit: A look at how Ethena’s growing range of products, including cybersecurity training and case management tools, has evolved alongside Posit, reflecting a deepening partnership.

💬 Executive Engagement and Reception: Jen Hecht elaborates on the executive team’s positive reception of Ethena’s training, emphasizing its alignment with Posit’s ethical values and strategic goals.

🌟 Building a Fear-Free Learning Environment: The discussion underscores the significance of removing fear and anxiety from compliance training to foster a healthy learning environment.

💫 Posit and Ethena: A Growing Partnership: Reflecting on the symbiotic relationship between Posit and Ethena, showcasing how this partnership aids in Posit’s continuous development and employee engagement.

🔍 The Future of HR and Business Leadership: An exploration of the strategic role of HR in understanding and aligning with business objectives, especially in a rapidly scaling tech company.

… and more! 🎧

Duration: 25 minutes