Your learners expect the best from their training, and Ethena is here to make that happen.

We’ve updated our learning center and courses to make them even more engaging – some might say they’ve gotten a glow-up (okay, it’s us, we’re the ones saying that 😀). Tune into this webinar to hear from Ethena Customer Success Manager, Courtney Rinden, and Product Manager, Anne Kong, as they dive deep into the latest updates to Ethena’s learning experience.

The webinar covers:

  • What’s new with the Ethena Learning Center
  • Ethena course updates to Harassment Prevention and Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Upcoming course glow-up schedule
  • Live demo and Q&A

Duration: 25 minutes

We had some great questions come in during this session, so we wanted to share them below along with some responses in case you’re wondering the same. 

  • Q: Do I need to set anything up in the system for my team to get this new version of training?
    • A: Nope! As courses are glowed up, your team will automatically receive the latest version of training.
  • Q: What happens if an employee started training on the old course (but didn’t finish)? Will they now have to restart training on the new version
    • A: They’ll continue training without interruption. Any modules they have completed will continue to show as completed, and any remaining modules will appear to them in the new version of training.
  • Q: How does the added video impact the length of training?
    • A: Because video is a longer format, course lengths following these updates have increased slightly. However, learners can increase the speed of video if a faster learning experience suits them best.
  • Q: Could you share more about how the course timer is changing?
    • A: If a course needs to be a certain length to meet a state legal requirement (for example, Harassment Prevention for CT learners), that course will continue to have a timer to ensure the required training length is met. For all other courses, learners will not be timed. They won’t be able to skip through course video content (training is important!), but they can increase video speed.
  • Q: When will other Ethena courses be glowed up?
  • Q: Do you have resources to help me introduce Ethena trainings to my team?