Ethena announces their new Anti-Bribery & Corruption training, created in their signature, engaging style.

Announcing Ethena’s newest training course: Anti-Bribery & Corruption!

Since 2019, Ethena has become the go-to compliance solution for culture-focused companies around the world, including Zoom, Netflix, and Zendesk. Ethena’s dynamic, monthly approach to Harassment Prevention and convenient delivery system has been such a success that we’re expanding our course offerings!

Today, we’re introducing our new Anti-Bribery & Corruption training, available now in the Ethena Admin Hub.

Ethena partnered with the global law firm Baker McKenzie to create Anti-Bribery & Corruption training that digs into the gray areas of how bribery actually manifests in the modern day (sometimes the shady briefcase is full of gift cards instead of cash) while maintaining Ethena’s distinctive witty training tone. Learners can expect a thorough overview of U.S. and international bribery and corruption laws, complete with original illustrations, graphics, and even a few short videos to engage all types of learners.

Through our success working with over 150 companies, we know firsthand there’s tremendous value in changing the model of compliance training to proactively address issues in the workplace, not just react to them. Check-the-box, ineffective training is a thing of the past. Ethena is on a mission to apply our innovative model of training to all essential and tricky topics, such as anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

What is Anti-Bribery and Corruption training? Should your company have an Anti-Bribery policy?

We got you covered! We’re hosting a short webinar to walk through Anti-Bribery Training and how it relates to your team. Click here for more information.