In this episode, Melanie Naranjo, our VP of People, sits down with Marli Tarbaux, VP of People and Culture at Flyhomes, to discuss how Ethena has revolutionized their compliance training experience. From a neuroscience enthusiast to a culture cultivator at Flyhomes, Marli shares how Ethena’s refreshing approach to compliance training has made it a hit among the Flyhomes team, with the benefits echoing throughout the company.

Highlights include:

🌟 Engaging Compliance Solution: Flyhomes chose Ethena for transforming mandatory training into an engaging and accessible monthly routine, distinguishing it from outdated methods.

😃 Employee Praise: Employees at Flyhomes have complimented the shift to Ethena, enjoying the modern take on what used to be a dreaded chore.

🔄 Continuous and Effortless Learning: Ethena’s platform facilitates ongoing learning without the heavy lift, offering a seamless experience for Flyhomes employees and leadership alike.

📈 High Completion Rates: Thanks to Ethena’s user-friendly interface and admin hub, Flyhomes enjoys higher compliance training completion rates without the need to micromanage.

🤝 Trusted Partnership: The trust and proactive customer service provided by Ethena have been pivotal, making the renewal decision easy for Flyhomes year after year.

🔗 Seamless UKG Integration: Ethena’s integration with UKG has streamlined the onboarding process for Flyhomes, exemplifying the platform’s capacity to sync with company operations.

🎯 Why Flyhomes Sticks with Ethena: The proactive team, trust, and the lightweight experience Ethena offers is why Flyhomes continues to choose us as their compliance training partner.

…and more! 🎧

Duration: 15 minutes