In this episode, our VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, chats with Greg Van Kleeck, Total Rewards Manager, at Starburst to learn why Starburst chose Ethena for its engaging compliance training, which positively impacted employee engagement and received recognition from the CEO. Ethena’s scalability, manager empowerment through Team Insights, and role in cultural evolution were instrumental in Starburst’s decision, supported by its nudge-style learning and ease of administration.

Highlights include:

🌟 Impactful Training

  • Ethena was chosen by Starburst due to its engaging and unique approach to compliance training, standing out from traditional methods.

😃 Positive Employee Engagement

  • Starburst employees found Ethena’s training enjoyable and different from typical compliance training, contributing to a positive learning experience.

💡CEO Recognition

  • Starburst’s CEO publicly praised Ethena’s importance during an All Hands meeting, highlighting its significance to the company’s culture.

🚀 Seamless Scalability

  • Ethena seamlessly scaled with Starburst as the company grew, providing continuous support and relevant content.

🏆 Manager Empowerment

  • Team Insights, an Ethena feature, empowered managers at Starburst with visibility and ownership over employee training, aligning with the company’s leadership development initiatives.

🌱 Cultural Evolution

  • Ethena played a pivotal role in the evolution of Starburst’s culture, ensuring that as the company expanded, it maintained its core values and a respectful atmosphere among team members.

🎯 Key Decision Factors

  • Ethena’s nudge-style learning, ease of administration, and regular content updates were key factors in Starburst’s decision to choose the platform.

… and more! 🎧

Duration: 35 minutes