In our latest edition of How We Tackle People Stuff, Melanie Naranjo, VP of People at Ethena, chatted with Martha Delehanty, Chief People Officer at Commvault, sharing profound insights on navigating the complex landscapes of cybersecurity, DEI, and workplace culture. Martha brings her extensive expertise to the table, discussing Commvault’s strategic initiatives and collaboration with Ethena.

Key Takeaways:

🌐 Leveraging Ethena for Cybersecurity Awareness: Highlighting the effectiveness of Ethena’s cybersecurity training, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and employee education in combating cyber threats.

🌟 DEI Initiatives and Cultural Shifts: Insights into Commvault’s DEI efforts, focusing on creating an inclusive environment where every employee feels valued and empowered.

📈 Courageous Conversations and Ethena Nudges: A deep dive into how Commvault uses Ethena’s innovative nudges to foster open discussions on sensitive topics, enhancing the culture of understanding and empathy.

💡 Employee-Driven Initiatives: Martha discusses the impact of initiatives born from employee feedback and collaboration, showcasing the power of grassroots efforts in driving organizational change.

🚀 Commvault and Ethena: A Partnership for the Future – Reflecting on the symbiotic relationship between Commvault and Ethena, exploring how this partnership enriches Commvault’s employee experience and aligns with their strategic goals.

🎯 The Importance of Authenticity in DEI: Martha advocates for genuine, meaningful engagement in DEI initiatives, rather than checkbox exercises, to foster a truly inclusive workplace.

… and more! 🎧

Duration: 28 minutes