In this episode, Melanie Naranjo, VP of People at Ethena, chats with Jasmine Francis, Head of People & DEIB at Pliancy, about the transformative impact of Ethena’s innovative approach to HR solutions. Jasmine, with her rich 16-year experience in the people space, delves into how Ethena has seamlessly blended into Pliancy’s culture and operations.

Highlights include:

🌐 Integrating Branding with HR: Jasmine highlights the unique integration of branding into HR at Pliancy, enhancing their organizational message.

🚀 Pliancy’s Growth Journey: Exploring Pliancy’s role in setting up IT infrastructures for startups, and their evolution with Ethena’s solutions.

🌟 Ethena’s Real-life Approach: Pliancy applauds Ethena’s balance of real-world scenarios with a business focus, enhancing employee engagement and learning.

📈 Positive Employee Feedback: Ethena’s training resonates well with Pliancy’s team, marked by high positivity ratings and genuine employee engagement.

💡 ROI and Effective Change Management: Jasmine advises on evaluating tools based on ROI and the importance of effective change management for successful implementation.

📚 Ethena’s Comprehensive Coverage: Pliancy’s expanding use of Ethena’s features, including the new workplace violence training and case management tool.

🔄 From Skepticism to Advocacy: Jasmine’s journey from skepticism to becoming a strong advocate for Ethena’s holistic and inclusive training approach.

🎯 Why Pliancy Chooses Ethena: Pliancy’s continued partnership with Ethena is driven by its employee-first approach and alignment with its organizational culture.

Dive into this insightful conversation to discover more! 🎧

Duration: 20 minutes