Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training for modern teams

Help learners understand, support and celebrate coworkers with rising identities through compassion and intersectional awareness. Media-rich DEI training brings complex issues to life through thoughtful real-world examples, vivid comics, imaginative videos, and more. Companies that prioritize DEI efforts are predicted to do better, and attract and retain top talent.

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Topics Covered:

  • DEI foundational terms
  • 5 D’s of bystander intervention
  • Identity
  • Privilege
  • Identifying & responding to microaggressions
  • Intersectionality and workplace culture
  • The 5 different types of bias
  • DEI in remote or hybrid workplaces
  • Disability inclusivity in the workplace
  • Religious inclusivity in the workplace

Looking for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training that’s evidence-based, cringe-free and has a 95% approval rating from learners?

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Onboard your team quickly with a CSV or keep learner data updated in near real-time with HRIS integrations. Partner with a dedicated CSM to help you along the way.


Compelling content

Smart, engaging course content that never goes out-of-style. Includes current events – designed with the modern learner in mind.


Measuring impact

Track who is behind on training at a glance, capture learner feedback, and analyze changes in learner behavior to identify knowledge gaps you can act on.

Why train your team on DEI best practices?


Diversity Wins

DEI training promotes respect, empathy, and teamwork. Diverse teams reap the benefits (culturally and financially) of more ideas, voices and experiences.


Retain Employees

Existing employees and new applicants want to see a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Ethena’s DEI course is a great place to start!


Walk the Walk

Start the work of a more inclusive workplace with our DEI training. Explore topics like systemic bias, intersectionality, and so much more.

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