DEI Training Course

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training for modern teams

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Curriculum Overview

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Help learners understand, support and celebrate coworkers with rising identities through compassion and intersectional awareness. Media-rich DEI training brings complex issues to life through thoughtful real-world examples, vivid comics, imaginative videos, and more.


Companies that prioritize DEI efforts are predicted to do better, and attract and retain top talent.

Topics Covered:




Belonging & Psychological Safety

Identity & Intersectionality

Bias, Awareness, & Belonging

Disability in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusivity in Remote & Hybrid Workplaces

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Why train your team on DEI best practices?

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Diversity Wins

Companies that prioritize and contribute resources to their DEI efforts are predicted to perform better, innovate more, and are more productive.

Retain Employees

Culture has never been more important to employees, and companies with inclusive cultures have higher employee retention than those that don’t.

Walk the Walk

DEI training supports other DEI efforts by giving learners the same baseline knowledge to keep key concepts top of mind.

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Compliance training for modern teams

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Easy Onboarding

Onboard your team quickly with a CSV or keep learner data updated in near real-time with HRIS integrations. Partner with a dedicated CSM to help you along the way.

Compelling Content

Smart, engaging course content that never goes out-of-style. Includes current events - designed with the modern learner in mind.

Measuring Impact

Track who is behind on training at a glance, capture learner feedback, and analyze changes in learner behavior to identify knowledge gaps you can act on.

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DEI Course Primer

Learn DEI Basic principles, terminology, and why you need a DEI program

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Informative, cringe-free content delivered through innovative methods–that actually works

Ethena solves compliance’s biggest headaches for teams of every size