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Help us build the future of ethical and inclusive workplaces.

What if compliance training was fun?

Ah, compliance training. It’s the kind of thing that gets your endorphins buzzing. Why go for a run when you could crack open a laptop and take a few compliance training sessions?

Okay, no one says that. But that doesn’t mean compliance training has to be boring! We provide fun, effective training with a focus on culture change and compliance, to help our customers build ethical and inclusive workplaces.

Who do we think we are?

It’s pretty simple, really. Building a successful product requires prioritizing a healthy organization. We’re committed to doing just that.

Play to win

We hire people who are good at what they do, and expect them to chase greatness. We compete together, win as a team, and are not satisfied with second place.

Embrace feedback

We embrace every part of feedback: giving, receiving, and soliciting. We give it directly, but with kindness and tact. We receive it eagerly, but without foregoing curiosity and contextualization. We solicit constantly and with examples of vulnerability. Because we’re at our best when we’re all trying to be better.

Do our training proud

We live the values our training teaches. We work with empathy, learn from our mistakes, and prioritize personal and organizational health as we grow. Importantly, we work as hard on our organization as we do on our product in order to create a space that models the behavior we hope to see in others.

Humor is human

We spend a third of our days at work. That time shouldn’t be miserable. Tell a joke in a meeting, send that funny gif. We take our work seriously, not ourselves.

Feedback Fridays, company-wide learning workshops, employee resource groups, and Heritage Month celebrations are just some of the things we do to create an environment in which every person can have fun, achieve success, and bring their full, authentic selves to work.

"Company-wide there is a deep respect for the fact that we are all people and this is a job that is only one part of our lives. We are encouraged to bring our whole selves to work, but not to make work our whole self.“

— Trevor, Content

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Benefits built around you

1. Health - Glasses-alt.png

We cover 100% of premiums for you and your dependents under all our health plans, including medical, dental, and vision (EPO , PPO, and HSA options available for US employees).

*US-specific benefits. For more details on our Canadian benefits, leave a note in your application.

It never hurts to apply

If you’re excited about the job, we want you to apply. Even if you can’t point to a spot on your resume that lines up with every single one of our wishlist items on the job description.


No, seriously. Studies show that some perfectly qualified candidates take themselves out of the running before employers ever get a chance to see their resume. Which is just the worst kind of missed opportunity for you and us both.


So this is us telling you now: We consider the full package.

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A leg up on getting your sea legs

We provide a comprehensive onboarding process centered around trainings that help level the playing field and get everyone up to speed. New to the startup world? We’ve got a training for that. New to the compliance training market? We’ve got a training for that. New to cyber security? We — well. You get the point.


Because learning is our jam. Which is pretty darn fortunate considering our entire business model sort of depends on it.

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