We all know the saying: if you see something, say something. But how often is that acted on? Especially in the workplace.

During this session, Zendesk’s VP, Associate General Counsel of Compliance, Dr. Hemma Lomax, and Ethena’s CEO and Co-Founder, Roxanne Petraeus lead a discussion on the top reasons why Bystander Intervention sometimes works … and sometimes doesn’t.

Duration: 57 minutes

To summarize a few key points addressed that are effective in active bystandership:

  • Encourage team members, especially senior leaders, to role model being an active bystander (e.g. telling a story during a company All Hands)
  • Surveys – Establish a baseline and survey every year
  • Training – Train everyone to have a shared vocabulary (e.g. Ethena’s training, which includes our video of the 5 D’s that we show a clip of in this session)